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Keshi Pearls

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Keshi pearls

Oriental Pearls offers an unparalleled collection of Keshi pearls that instantly behold the attention of all with their unusual form and luminosity. Achieve the "Wow" factor by teaming our pearls with party wear or accessorize your office attire and create your own distinct style.

How Keshi Pearls are formed

These irregular and beautifully shapes pearls are formed when the host oyster discards and spits out the implanted nucleus even before the process of culture is complete. With the absence of nucleus to guide its shape, the gem develops on its own, thereby rejecting the usual uniform spherical shape to take unusually enticing contours. The non-beaded pearls are 100 percent nacre and therefore are exceptionally appealing.

Exotic Keshi Jewelries for All Occasions

As our exceptional keshi pearl jewelries are all nacre, they are unbelievably shiny and lustrous. In fact, the keshi pearls listed in our exclusive collection promise greater shine and magnificence than premium quality cultured pearls. The incredible luster and sheen, the splendid natural shapes, and the striking color ranges make our keshi pearls some of the most sought after gemstones money can buy.

Our experienced and skilled jewelry designers convert the unusual keshi pearls into magnificent jewelries that enhance all skin types and make you stand out from the rest. They meticulously hand knot and convert the irregular and beautifully shaped pearls into stunning jewelry pieces, including necklaces, earrings, pendants, rings and more. Additionally, they perfectly blend the traditional and contemporary designs into enticing pieces exhibiting timeless elegance.

So, beautify yourself for parties, anniversaries, weddings or casual gatherings with our alluring collection of keshi pearls. Explore our extensive collection of hand crafted keshi pearl necklace, keshi pearl anklets, keshi pearl earrings and more. Furthermore, our enchanting keshi pearl jewelries also make the perfect gift for all occasions. We pack them in beautiful boxes to make truly memorable gifts!

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