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Our Pearl Factory has All Sized (1mm-35mm) Pearls, Drilled in Any Large Hole Sizes @ the Highest Value, with FREE Shipping ($35+), FREE Pearl Gift, FREE Certificate & 90 Day Return

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925 Sterling Silver Freshwater Pearl Ring with Adjustable Size

Sterling Silver White Pearl Ring Adjustable Size

A beautiful and elegant real pearl ring set in stamped 925 sterling silver with lab created diamond. The pearl ring has a freshwater 7-8mm pearl in the center.

The pearl ring has an adjustable size, so it will fit almost all finger sizes which makes it a perfect gift for any lady

All crafted in stamped 925 sterling silver. The ring measures about 1/2" to 3/4" in both directions across your finger.

The sterling silver has 18k white gold overlay on it to protect the sterling silver from tarnishing. 

Although showing only white colored pearl ring here, we do have other colored pearls available for order also, if you click on the drop down menu.

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