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Our Pearl Factory has All Sized (1mm-35mm) Pearls, Drilled in Any Large Hole Sizes @ the Highest Value, with FREE Shipping ($35+), FREE Pearl Gift, FREE Certificate & 90 Day Return

Round Pearl

7-8mm Round Pearl Strand, 4 Colors of Pearls

White and Black 7-8mm Round Pearl Strand
Mauve and Lavender 7-8mm Round Pearl Strand

The pearls have very nice high luster and hardly any markings or flaws at AA(clean surface of 80% or better) grade.

They are suitable for your average daily jewelry making.

These are round shaped pearls at 7-8mm in sizes on a loose pearl strand at 15-15.5in long. Each strand has an approximate weight of 35grams. Please note that most of the pearls on strand are exactly 6.5-7.5mm in sizes actually.

Available colors are 




and black(with red, green, blue...overtone as bottom picture shown).

There are approximately 57 pearls on a strand.

If you would like to have pearls at lower prices, you can use pearls in semi-round shape, which we call "potato / semi-round pearls" while roundness of the pearl is not important for your jewelry-making needs.

If you want to drill Big Holes in these pearls, please click here.

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