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Agate beads- a good luck stone.

Posted on Wednesday, March 26, 2008 at 9:37 am
Category: Fresh Water Pearls

Agate beads, as the name suggests, is made from the agate stone that is a form of the silica material. You will find the agate stones on the seashores, lake shores, and in the gravel beds. The formation of agate takes place when the gas bubbles get filled with the water that contains silica and alkali that was trapped in the cooling lava. The agate stones are commonly found in the cities of Brazil, Canada, and Mexico.

Agate is a type of quartz or chalcedony that is clear, banded, or clouded. It mainly contains hematite and iron that imparts the reddish brown color to this gemstone; whereas the shades of gray to black color are produced due to the magnesium, calcium and manganese. You generally get agate stones in the untreated form with a wide range of colors, variety as well as hardness. Agate is normally included in the jewelry supplies because of their hardness, low cost and admirable beauty.

Agate is a semi-precious gemstone in which jewelry artists can enhance their creativity to make is a beneficial and a worthy stone. The agate beads are also well known as “Good Luck Stones.” As a harmony stone, one main function of the agate stone is to balance the yin and yang energy. The interaction of yin and yang helps to maintain the harmony of the universe.

The agate stones also help to increase the energy. But as it is grounding stone it is not able to increase the energy all the times, but on the other hand it allows for the bursts of energy whenever required. Agate is a stone of conservation that can be kept for a long time without any damage.

The finished agate beads are available in numerous shapes and colors to make artistic and exquisite pieces of jewelry.

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