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Kicking off Fall with Classic Pearl Rings

Posted on Sunday, September 18, 2016 at 7:42 am
Category: Pearl Jewelry

Autumn is arguably one of the best seasons, and this is obvious with the amount of excitement for the Fall festivities every year. From Fall fashion to pumpkin spice lattes, this is the season of treating yourself and enjoying the cool weather. For your frolics around the leafy parks, you might want to spice up your outfits with everything from heeled boots (perfect for crushing crunch leaves!) to fun scarves and leggings. You don’t have to stop with clothes, though!

Jewelry is a big part of accessorizing, but the only downside to Fall fashion is how difficult it is to incorporate jewelry into your outfits. Bracelets and necklaces are hard to wear when you’re decked out in scarves, turtlenecks, and long sleeves, but rings are the one area that is always noticed and always easy to accessorize. A sparkling, beautiful ring can garner a basket-full of compliments, so why go jewel-less this Autumn?

Depending on your tastes, a ring can be anything from big and flashy to simple and clean. Whether you like to make a statement with your fashion or keep it simple, you’re sure to find a pearl ring that will wow everyone. No matter what your preference, these rings will look great on a coffee-holding hand, or on the finger of a loved one or relative.

ring3This first ring is certainly the mid-way of the two extremes, and with a large pearl set in the middle of a wide-petal flower, this ring is classic and natural. The pearl is on display for a reason, being hand-chosen and free of scratches or flaws. Its luster is completely natural, and being a completely real freshwater pearl, it’s worth goes beyond its looks.

The ring is adjustable, so don’t worry about getting the wrong size! Measuring and sizing your finger can be hard, especially with the constant resizing over the years. This ring comes in four colors, depending on what kind of accent you want in your ring. Pink, mauve, black, and white are available, and the prices are reasonable enough that if you can’t decide, you can just buy more than one!
ring2If you want something a bit more exciting, a bigger ring might be your ticket. This ring features a freshwater pearl, flanked by zirconia crystals and set in real 925 sterling silver with a white gold overlay. The cut cross shape gives it an ageless appearance, so no matter where you are, this ring is bound to draw eyes.

This ring comes with an abundance of options, as well. If you don’t want a pink or white pearl, you can go for something even more attention grabbing such as chocolate, gold, mauve, and even black!

ring1If these two rings were a little too big for your tastes, perhaps a simple wrap-around ring may suit your preferences better. This ring is 925 sterling silver, paired with a real freshwater pearl and a zirconia crystal for the utmost elegance. It’s clean, smooth design makes it an easy everyday wear, and a perfect gift for a teenage girl or a modest woman.

Like the first ring, this ring is completely adjustable, so don’t fret over sizing! Its classic design and simple accents make it a one-size-fits all, both in sizing and personality.

Update your fall wardrobe and enjoy rings that will show when long sleeves and turtleneck sweaters won’t allow for bracelets and necklaces against the skin.


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