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Mother of Pearl Necklaces for Every Woman

Posted on Tuesday, June 28, 2016 at 1:56 pm
Category: Fresh Water Pearls

Statement necklaces are only growing more popular, and while many of the chunky gems can look tacky when they’re made of plastic, a string of pearls can add personality, flair, and class to an otherwise jarring piece of jewelry. With natural mother of pearl jewelry, you can achieve any look with ease.

Everyone’s tastes are different, so whether you want colorful, simple, or just multi-functional, there are a ton of options. Pearls are universal gems, made to go with almost anything, no matter what color or style. Unlike other colored gems, pearls don’t have to come in any set shade, making them great for people who want a piece of jewelry that they can use for different outfits.

If you want something simple and elegant to wear everyday, a mother of pearl pendant may be the perfect go-to piece for your jewelry box.11

Carved into a leaf shape, this pendant is paired with a free leather cord. It is naturally colored, with no touch-ups, and can match any piece of clothing, no matter how simple. It’s perfect for daily wear, but still charming enough to garner compliments!

If you’re looking for something a bit more exciting and eye-catching, a necklace with bright colors and wide shapes may be perfect for you.

12This mother of pearl statement necklace features flat pendants, all knotted individually and arranged neatly into a long 50 inch necklace. You can double loop it to make a shorter, layered necklace, or just wear it long over a t-shirt. It is claspless too, which leaves no room for any accidents while you’re wearing it.

It comes in three different colors: light pink, baby blue, and pale yellow, so no matter what, you’re sure to find a color that suits you best.

A statement necklace doesn’t have to be wide and colorful to gain attention, though. If bright colors and extra-large beads aren’t your style, you can always opt for a simple, all-natural white option.

13This long 48 inch necklace features butterfly-shaped mother of pearl charms, as well as smaller round pearl beads in between. Like any other long necklace, you can choose to wear it loose or double it up to make it shorter. It’s a perfect gift for anyone, whether they have humble tastes or prefer jewelry on the flashier side.


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