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Mother of Pearl Pendants for a Natural, Classy Look!

Posted on Friday, July 8, 2016 at 5:42 am
Category: Pearl Jewelry

The shimmering, opaque look of mother of pearl is just as timeless as the class of pearls, and there’s no reason to overlook its natural, subtle beauty. If you know someone who loves pearls and pearl jewelry, a mother of pearl pendant can be a sweet, thoughtful gift that’s beautiful and out-of-the-box.

Mother of pearl, also known as Nacre, is the strong, iridescent inner layer of oysters, and also the durable outer coating of pearls themselves. It’s all-natural and used in many forms of art, including sculpture and architecture. You don’t have to get a tattoo or buy an expensive hand-whittled string of beads to have art on your body, since pearls and nacre are art themselves, just made by another species.

Nacre can be shaped into any shape your heart desires, and the possibilities for pendants and other jewelry is endless. In this necklace, a flower shape makes the design simple and fun. It’s great for a small child or someone with a young heart, or even someone who loves to put classic, bouncy shapes in their daily outfits.

The necklace is included with a free leather cord for easy wear, but the pendant itself, a mother of pearl charm framed in 18k yellow gold, can easily slip off aJulB1-3nd fitted onto whatever chain you prefer. It fits with nearly every outfit, and even compliments any skin color, so no-one can miss out on sporting such a simple beauty.

The next pendant is similar in that it’s made of mother of pearl, but the design is much different. For those who might want a little more flair or maturity in their necklace, this design features a dove silhouette in midair. It shimmers as it turns, and the pale colors shift from pearly white to soft yellows, reds, and pinks.

This is a pJulB1-2erfect piece of jewelry for a free-spirited woman who loves unique shapes, or just loves soft, peaceful pendants for daily wear. Each piece is fitted into the mother of pearl itself, so no two doves are the same. Slip this pendant onto a silver chain, and you’ve got a simple accent to any outfit in your closet.


The next necklace is as natural as you can go without wearing a live oyster on your neck. If you appreciate the natural beauty of Nacre in the shaped necklaces above, you’ll love this all-new, completely unique design. All pendants are similar to the picture presented here, but each is slightly different in terms of pearl color and shape.

Just like people, each pendant is different because they are completely natural. You can even see the young pearls embedded in the surface of each pendant, and the natural formations of the mother of pearl within the design. If you or your loved ones are drawn to the organic look, this may be the centerpiece of your jewelry box.




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