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Pearl Brooches for Any Coverup

Posted on Friday, July 22, 2016 at 5:53 am
Category: Pearl Jewelry

With swimsuit season in full swing– it’s important to add a bit of flair to yours summer outfits. If you’re walking around the beach or attended a summer barbecue, it’s important to remember the small things. Big jewelry can get tangled or lost, so a well-placed brooch can do wonders for any outfit that’s lacking a sparkle.

This pearl brooch features one genuine freshwater pearl in round shape, surrounded by an elegant 18kt white gold setting. Six round Austrian crystals complete the look and complement the pearl and it’s surrounding design.

JulB3-1  The brooch is made to bring out the beauty of the gem, which is a genuine freshwater cultured pearl. It is almost perfectly round, with a high luster and no visible surface markings, making it the cream of the crop.

It comes in four different unique colors, including: chocolate, black, pink, and mauve. No matter what color you choose, the crystals and white gold are bound to bring a bit of sparkle to any outfit in your closet.

The nextJulB3-2 brooch has a much simpler design, for anyone who may want a sparkling brooch, but not as much complexity. It’s similar to the previous in that it features a freshwater pearl, and is set in 18kt white gold, but the design is much simpler. The pearl is the centerpiece of the tree-branch design, and the surrounding gold curls around it in a lily-shape.

The featured pearl is, again, a nearly flawless freshwater pearl, and it comes in five uniquely different colors: white, pink, lavender, black, and chocolate. It’s offered at a low, unbeatable price, and is the perfect gift for any young girl or grown woman who is looking for an elegant addition to her jewelry collection.

The next pearl brooch is definitely an eyecatcher, and so unique that you may not find one like it in any local stores!


It’s the perfect gift for any birthday, graduation, or wedding, and perfect for anyone, no matter what their age. The vibrant colors and simple design make it a great complement to any outfit, no matter how flashy or humbled.

The freshwater pearl and real jade is set in 18k white gold. The pearl comes in four unique colors: white, pink, mauve, and black, to suit all potential tastes.

All of these brooches feature materials are nearly unheard of at this price, so if you’re still looking for a gift for a loved one, friend, or bride-to-be, or just want to complete an outfit for yourself, these fine pieces of jewelry may be your saving grace.

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