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Tahitian Pearl Pendants for Your Jewelry Box

Posted on Sunday, May 8, 2016 at 2:13 pm
Category: Fresh Water Pearls, Pearl Jewelry

A Tahitian round pearl can add a touch of class to almost any chain or bracelet, and when you know what you’re getting for your money, the quality of your gem can be all the more valuable. All of our pearls are picked for their natural beauty, and our business partner only provides the best from each crop. Each Tahitian South Sea Pearl is chosen for their quality and natural beauty.b1i1

This pearl is set in 14k solid white gold, with inlaid diamonds along the top. The pendant can slide onto any of your gold chains, and match with any outfit or ensemble. With its dark color and green undertones, it’s a natural peacock pearl that can enhance any jewelry box or pearl collection.

The pearl itself is round and smooth, with no markings whatsoever, and while it is not perfectly symmetrical, it is completely organic. With no artificial colorings or dyes, it’s a natural, must-have look for any ensemble.

b1i2Set in 18k white solid gold with a beautiful flower shaped design, this pendant features a round Tahitian pearl with no markings and a flawless, high-luster surface. This piece is much more decorative, yet still maintains a classy, sleek look that can add personality to any outfit.

The white gold setting itself is lightweight and beautiful even without the pearl, but doesn’t take away from the centerpiece of the pendant. The true beauty of this high quality genuine Tahitian black round pearl is magnified by its beautiful design in 18K white solid gold.

This pendant is a perfect necklace charm, and a great gift for any important person in your life, or just yourself! Its shiny, eye catching appearance and simple design combines impressive metalwork and beautiful gemstones to make a piece that will certainly become a family heirloom over the years.

If you’re looking to go even further with your look, a daring color can be a good choice. These Tahitian pearls come in more colors than just black, and the peacock coloring can be intensified with a deep green pearl.b1i3

A simple pendant design can make your pearl even more impressive, so sometimes, less is more when enhancing the look of your jewelry. This smooth green pearl is the center of attention on this pendant, and the 14k white gold setting makes a perfect accent.

Whether you’re adding to an existing collection of pearl pendants and jewelry, or just looking for a classic gift for a loved one, a pearl pendant can last for decades, ensuring that the beauty of the ocean is preserved for future generations.

All of our products are guaranteed by their 100% authenticity and unconditional 90-day money back warranty, so we can promise that if you are unhappy with your pearls, it won’t be a loss for you.

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