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Pearls and Us

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Our Pearl Factory has All Shape, All Sized (1mm-35mm) Pearls, Drilled in Any Larger Hole Pearls @ the Highest Value, with
FREE Shipping
($50+), FREE Pearl Gift, FREE Certificate & 90 Day Return

Cheap Pearl Jewelry

Cheap Pearls and Real Pearl Jewelry

Highest Quality at the Lowest Cost

Why our pearls jewelry are more affordable?

Because the pearls are produced in our OWN pearl farms, hand-made by our OWN in-house workers, without any Middlemen's cost. So you have an entire pearl farm to choose from, from loose pearls and pearl strands to pearl jewelry finished by us.

Pearl Farm Direct | Customized Order | 110% Low Price | Flat Rate Shipping | Premium Quality

pearl farm directcustomized order
110% Low Prices Guaranteepremium quality

So you get only the best priced loose pearls and pearl jewelry, processed and made to your specification, in any color, any size & any design!

High Quality Real Pearls Jewelry at Low Cost

Our real pearl silver jewelry sets start at $29.97 for the whole set, including the necklace and earrings. All of them are made of real pearls, finished 925 sterling silver, 14k yellow or white gold etc.. All pearl jewelry will come to you packaged with a certificate of authenticity and free gift for orders over $75.

cheap pearl jewelry setcheap loose pearls and pearl strands

The price of a pearl depends on its size; the bigger the pearl, the higher the price. Pearls over 9mm are rare because such pearls will have to stay in water longer therefore more expensive.

If you look at any stores for the same quality pearls, you can`t even buy a pearl strand in sizes smaller than 6.5mm for under $80. But here, even for our highest and best quality pearl necklaces, you can get the lowest prices. Check them out.

Huge selections of real pearls jewelry for cheap

cheap black pearl necklace2-row southsea shell pearl necklacecheap tahitian pearl pendant
  • Freshwater pearls - Freshwater pearls are similar to saltwater pearls in that both are produced by nature, however, the difference being that freshwater pearls are almost seedless, quite similar to the wild natural pearl.

  • Southsea Shell Pearls - A pearling industry term for simulated, or replica pearls made from mother of pearl. In the case of our South Sea Shell pearls they`re shell pearls specifically made to simulate South Sea`s cultured pearls.

  • Tahitian Pearls - The perfect accessory to your own wardrobe, consider the enduring appeal of black pearls combined with both vintage and up-to-the-minute fashions.

What kind of highly discounted pearl jewelry selections do we have?

light green pearl earringscheap chocolate pearl ringcolored pearl pendant
cheap potato pearl setcheap round pearl setcheap button pearl set
cheap add a pearl necklacecheap tin cup pearl necklacecheap clip on pearl earrings
  • With us, we can provide you with pearls in any color, any size, from 1mm to 13mm.

  • We can get you any kind of bulk quantities that you need.

  • Our competitors can not ship your products directly from where they are produced. They only ship your products from their stores because they do not want you to know where their pearls came from.

  • Unlike other websites that sell pearl jewelry to their retail customers with on a one-time basis, all of our pearls and pearl jewelry meet international jewelry standards.

cheap pearl jewelry selection

Don't have the time to come up with your own design? Don`t worry, we have got the widest selections for you to choose from and they are guaranteed to be unique. Simply go to our pearl necklace page or our pearl necklace pendants page and check out the genuine freshwater pearl jewelry that we have for sale. We challenge you to find another store that has more variety and a better selection of genuine freshwater pearl jewelry than us. Just send us an email with the name of the store and we will be more than happy to send you a free, suprise gift made of real pearls.

Hard to believe it? Take a look at the customer reviews provided by thousands of our customers.

So stop paying your hard-earned money for retailers` profits! Buy them directly from the same source as your jewelers do.