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Our Pearl Factory has All Sized (1mm-35mm) Pearls, Drilled in Any Large Hole Sizes @ the Highest Value, with FREE Shipping ($50+), FREE Pearl Gift, FREE Certificate & 90 Day Return

Information on Loose Pearls

Loose Pearls & Individual Pearls

Un-drilled or Drilled in Larger Holes or Any Way You Want.

 Want loose pearls or individual pearls single by piece, or on loose strands?

Loose pearls on sale
white pearls at different sizesPearl sizes: from very smal 1mm seed pearls or baby pearls to large pearls that are 35mm.


pearls in any colorPearl colors: from natural white, pink, mauve to processed color in red, champagne, black, green, gold, chocolate, brown etc..


pearls in different shapesPearl shapes: from round pearls, drop pearls to button pearls, biwa pearls, coin pearls, cross shaped pearls to baroque pearls to Keshi pearls to mabe pearls, etc., any shape existed.


Un-drilled pearls: We have un-drilled pearls (also called keepsake pearls) sold by single piece. Check out loose or individual pearls, or have them half drilled for your settings to make your own unique pearl jewelry.

Drilled pearls: we have pearls drilled in any sized holes, and any way that you would like, from fully drilled, double drilled, side drilled, half drilled and center drilled. Check out our loose pearl strands and ask them to be drilled to the WAY YOU WANT. If you like to use natural looking real pearls to make your unique jewelry, you will love our large 9-10mm off-round pearls, with more than 45 pearls!

Drilled Hole Sizes: We have pearls that have holes already been pre-drilled in various sizes (from 0.7mm, 1.7mm, 2mm, 2.3mm, 2.5mm or even larger holes) for your jewelry making needs. They are in stock and ready to be shipped immediately from our USA office. Just look at the category of pearls you are interested, you will see the pearls with larger holes there as well.

Need your pearls to be custom drilled, or half drilled? Or drill larger hole sizes you specify?

drill pearls in any way, any size you want

Custom Drill for Larger Hole Sized Pearls or Beads: Usually 0.7mm is the regular sized holes.If you like any of our other pearl strands to be drilled into bigger holes for stringing leather cord, you can use our special drilling service and have the pearls custom drilled to allow for the leather or lace to go through, from 0.7mm - 2.5mm large holes. However, please note pearls need to be at least 8mm in sizes, and also please give us an additional 2-3 weeks (although padded with extra time) to get the pearls specially drilled in your way, at the large hole sizes you specify.

Half drilled loose or individual pearls:

Half drilled pearls are also usually used for making pendants, earrings, rings etc., or just for keep-sake by putting the pearls in a pearl cage. We have all types of half drilled pearls from drop pearls to button pearls, to coin pearls, to round pearls etc., available from tiny pearls all the way to 17mm or even 25mm pearls.

You can buy undrilled or half-drilled loose pearls here, from 1mm seed pearls to 17mm large pearls, no minimum requirement.

Pearl Sizes: Seed pearls or small pearls:

Seed pearls are very small, round pearls that form inside the mollusk, often in addition to a larger cultured or natural pearl. They measure from 1mm-2mm and are usually too used to create custom jewelry, or seed pearls and potato pearlsbe used as inlay inside watches with diamonds for decorative purposes.We have the highest quality round pearls at 1-2mm or 1-1.3mm in stock all the time for our high end jewelers. And also AA+ graded pearls for everyday jewelry making purpose. The picture next shows these seed pearls sizes comparing to a7mm potato pearl.


Keepsake Loose pearls

Use loose pearls as a gift to yourself or someone you love.

An undrilled single large pearl makes a great gift for an anniversary or a bride-to-be. The most popular one that we have been selling is a completely round 9-10mm large pearl with the highest grade that you can find. Find all loose individual pearls here.

Make it a complete fine piece of pearl jewelry, get a pearl cage here to keep your treasured pearls.

Other sizes, shapes and colored pearls are also available for special orders. Please call for detailed information.

Pearl Colors:

For pearl colors, we almost always have them in white, pink, and lavender to any color that you need.

As long as you have the quantity and about 2 weeks of time for processing, we can supply any one of freshwater pearls for you. If your quantity is small, it will depend upon our existing inventory, which usually has several choices of pearls.

If you are interested in loose pearls, you need to let us know the shape, size, grade and color of the loose pearls before you inquire and order your pearls.

Buy Loose pearls including seed pearls undrilled or half-drilled here

baroque pearl strand

Baroque Pearls

Round Pearls

rice pearl strand

Rice Pearls

peanut strand

Peanut Pearls

button strand

Button Pearls

coin pearl strand

Coin Pearls

keshi strand

Keshi Pearls

southsea shell pearl strand

Shell Pearls