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Loose Pearls Instock

Loose Pearls at Wholesale for Jewelry Making

Loose Individual Pearls

round pearlsdrop pearlsdrop pearlsbutton pearls

Loose round pearls are always have super luster, no surface flaw and in uniform shape. 4 natural colors are in stock for you to choose from.

Loose mabe pearls are unique, stylish and versatile. They grow outside the shell, they are flat on one side; hence the nickname "half pearls."

Loose drop pearls, also called oval or pear pearls. They are favored by most of jewelry designers for their various sizes and regular shapes.

Loose button pearls, with one side round at the front and relatively flat at the back. It can be used for making pendants, earrings or rings.

Loose pearls are high quality in very regular shape therefore relatively more expensive. When used for keepsake pearls, they are mostly undrilled. When half-drilled, they are usually used as a single center piece for jewelry, such as for pearl pendants, pearl rings or pearl earrings. You can find both drilled or half drilled pearls in our loose pearls department.

If you need to make a pearl necklace, or pearl bracelet, you will find many more different shaped, fully drilled pearl strings here.

Loose pearls for Sale

keepsake pearl in a cage

We have all kinds of loose pearls in stock for sale immediately, from round pearls to drop pearls to mabe pearls, coin pearls to keshi pearls, from undrilled or half drilled sold by pieces. We can definitely help you to drill them fully at no extra charge.

Many more different types of loose pearls available for you to check out. You can also purchase them on line directly by choosing the shape of the pearls on the left side of the page.

Round pearls:

Tiny, medium and big sized loose round pearls

1-2mm white round pearls2-3mm white round pearls3-4mm white round pearls4-5mm mauve round pearls5-6mm chocolate round pearls6-7mm white, pink and mauve round pearls7-8mm white, pink and black round pearls8-9mm white round pearls9-10mm white round pearls

Loose round pearls: A wide range of pearl sizes are currently in stock for you to choose. From tiny seed pearls all the way to 12-13mm round pearls. The pearls in white color and very round shape. It can be drilled at any way you want for free of charge.

Button pearls:

Tiny, medium and big sized loose button or flat shaped pearls

3-4mm white, pink, mauve and black button pearls4-5mm white, pink, mauve and black button pearls5-6mm white, pink, mauve and black button pearls6-7mm white, pink, mauve and black button pearls7-8mm white, pink, mauve and black button pearls8-9mm white, pink, mauve and black button pearls9-10mm white, pink, mauve and black button pearls10-11mm white, pink, mauve and black button pearls11-12mm white, pink, mauve and black button pearls

Button pearls are perfect for children`s jewelry. Small button pearls contrast with large pearls are good for making your own jewelry.

Loose button pearls have the best luster and no surface flaw. If you need big sized pearls at an affordable cost, then these large sized button pearls will be fit for your daily jewelry making need.

Drop Pearls:

6-8mm white, pink and mauve drop pearls8-10mm white drop pearls9-11mm pink and mauve drop pearls

Loose drop shaped pearls from sizes to 8-11mm. Perfect for making earrings and pendant in either 925 sterling silver or 14k gold.

Mabe Pearls:

mabe pearls

These half round mabe pearls all have very high luster without much irregularity. These pearl are in very round shape at 12mm from the top and with hardly any surface markings.

More Pearls in Other Shapes that you might not know

We also have loose heart shaped coin pearls, flower shaped coin pearls, loose biwa pearls and loose soutshea shell pearls available for immediate delivery.

Pearl Jewerly Made of different shaped pearls:

Besides pearl necklace and pearl bracelet that are made of different shaped pearls, we also have:

Pearl Earrings made of round pearls in 14k Gold

7-8mm round pearls14k gold stud settingpearl earrings

Pearl Pendant made of teardrop pearls in 14k Gold

pink colored drop pearl14k gold settingpink pearl pendant in 14k gold

Pearl Ring made of button pearls in 925 sterling silver

loose pearlsring settingsgold pearl ring

If you do not see the loose pearls that you are interested in, such as low graded pearls for you to grind and make cosmetics, you can either call or email us for a special order, to get it either within 3-4days.

Not only we can process any colored pearls for you, but also we can drill your pearls to any hole sizes you specify!

If you need a bigger hole to allow for the leather to lace through the holes of your custom jewelry, please let us know in advance and give us the exact size in millimeters, such as 0.9mm, 1.7mm or 2.3mm for stringing leather cord or 0.7mm at regular size.

drill pearls in any way, any size you want