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Pearl Brooches

Pearl Brooch - Complete Your Style with Cultured Pearls

Pearl Brooch in Any Color, Any Shape, Any Design

The wonderful thing about brooches is that they never go out of style. Pearls don't either, which makes pearl brooches some of the most versatile and fun pieces of jewelry you can own!

pearl brooches

A brooch is a decorative pin that is considered to be a popular accessory. We use many different combinations of freshwater pearls and design unique brooches to perfectly accent almost any outfit. You can wear them at the throat to finish off a plain collar, on the shoulder to hold a scarf in place, or on a lapel to provide a dash of glitter and charm!

Base Metal Pearl Brooches W/ 18K Gold Plated

white pearl broochchocolate pearl broochpink pearl broochmauve pearl brooch
champagne pearl broochblack pearl broochgrey pearl broochpink or mauve pearl brooch

The simplicity of pearl brooch is one of its many charms. They are understated while exuding a sense of wealth and power, and any woman can feel confident with this. They speak of a timelessness and an elegance unrivaled by any gemstone, and denote a sense of mysteriousness as well.

We have pearl brooch carved by base metal with 18k yellow gold overlay for tarnish-free. If this is the stunning look that you are after, you will truely in love with them and you will simply look amazing. Add elegance to your life with large sized pearl brooch now.

Sterling Silver Pearl Brooches in Any Design

black pearl broochwhite pearl broochmauve pearl broochpink pearl brooch
black pearl broochmauve pearl brooch

The stylized look of our heart shaped brooch sets off a perfect pearl surrounded by white gold. Pearl brooch is an excellent choice as a gift for that special woman in your life! Valentine's day, her birthday or your anniversary can be commemorated with this special piece.

The quiet elegance of drop pearl brooch with 15-17 pearls lends a classic touch to your best silk dress. A fan shaped spray of perfect pearls glows against the white gold setting with a luster that is difficult to match!

A blooming flower shaped pearl brooch made with cluster pearls is a fun creative way to add a distinctly feminine touch to a power suit. Wear it against a dark colored jacket with heels in a matching color for a smart, sassy statement.

jade and pearl broochpearl cufflinkpearl brooch in 14k gold

Single perfect pearl sets in white gold plated brooches accented with jade leaves can bring a colorful glint to your lapel. These are terrific gift ideas for graduation or other events when a small unique token is needed.

Pearl brooches can be worn with any ensemble in any setting. Make sure you have several and you will be perfectly turned out no matter what the occasion!

pearl brooches