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Black Pearl Jewelry

Black or Peacock Pearls or Pearl Jewelry

Black Pearls in Any Size, Any Shape, Any Grade

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Black pearls and pearl jewelry are exotic, sensual, and definitely elegant. They are an excellent accessory to your evening wear or party dress. They have that class and style that you look for in pearl jewelry. What kind of black pearls or pearl jewelry are you looking for? We have got them all! Check them out here or scroll down for more information.

Pearl jewellery has always been a classic choice when it comes to jewellery and has a powerful history. It is said that wearing black pearl jewellery will bring you renewal and hope. It is also said to bring luck and healing properties. Most women are drawn to the white pearl necklaces but there are other colors that are just as stunning. If you want something with more mystery and mystique you should look into the pearl jewellery in black. Black freshwater pearl necklaces have a fascinating multicolour rainbow sparkle. Most of these pearls also contain rich purple tones that will match these seasons` colors.

tahitian pearl jewelry

Black pearls are referred to as Black Tahitian Pearls because they are found in Tahiti-Polynesian Islands and are highly valued because they are so rare and can't be duplicated. Pearl jewellery in black is rarely jet black but blue, green, grey, aubergine, peacock and other colors. Green is actually the major colour. So black colour pearls are perfect for every outfit and occasion. There are no natural black freshwater pearl, they are treated in a way that doesn't harm the pearls. Another great thing about black pearls is that they reflect light differently than white pearls. One way to inspect the pearls is to look at several Tahitian pearls and compare.

a woman who wears a black pearl necklace

Our black pearl jewelry set in 925 sterling silver is only $39.97. If it has a finished 14k solid yellow gold clasp, it's only $69.99 for the whole set, including a black pearl necklace, a black pearl bracelet, and a pair of black pearl earrings. Now that`s a sweet deal that you can`t find anywhere else! Now you can look great for less!

Some will look dull and other seems almost metallic! Pearl jewellery in black comes in different shapes. The round and semi round are most expensive and then the drop and button shapes are next. Circle and baroque pearls are a huge bargain and you can usually get them at a much lower price. The larger the pearls the more expensive they will be. You want black pearls that have a slight imperfection because it signifies genuine pearls. These pearls are considered the "Diamonds of the Pearl Kingdom." They are elegant and can blend into a traditional or modern outfit. They can be worn in single or multi strands. The fact is that these beautiful pearls will accent any complexion, occasion and outfit.

Looking to buy loose pearls?

loose pearls in black color

Looking for half drilled individual black pearls or black pearls on temporary strands in any shape? Look no further! You can find them all here.

We have any kind of pearl in black in any shapes and shades: round black pearls, black button pearls, black rice pearls, black nugget pearls, black coin pearls, peacock and black potato pearls, cross pearl in black, black biwa pearl strands, top drilled peanut black pearls, and also in any size.

black round pearl strandblack button pearl strand black Baroque pearl strandblack rice pearl strand black coin pearl strandblack potato pearl strand black peanut pearl strandblack southsea shell pearl strand

Have you thought what it would be like to wear a beautiful black pearl necklace that is made from genuine pearls instead of plastic imitations?

Especially when:

  • It gives you the same beautiful and natural look as your friends who spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars, but at a fraction of the price that they paid for.
  • It is not only made from genuine pearls or mother-of-pearl, but also especially for you, because it can be made at your size, length and preferences.

Why pay retail when you can get it at wholesale? Why wear a fake pearl necklace when you can get a genuine black pearl necklace for less than regular jewelry stores?

black pearls

If you are going to an event like a wedding you will be happy to know that black pearl jewellery can be worn. In fact, there are black wedding and bridal jewellery collections that can be purchased for your special occasion. Giving the gift of black pearl jewellery to your loved ones and friends will certainly surprise the recipient. You can find pearl jewellery in black in bracelets, earrings, pendants, collars, rings and more. Black pearl jewellery has changed the concepts of jewellery. Black pearl necklaces are made with silver, carbon and ribbons.

You can type "black" to find a specific item.

black pearl matching setblack unique pearl necklace

wholesale priced pearlsBlack Pearl matching sets- with black pearl necklace, black pearl bracelet, and black pearl earrings will give you a stylish and exotic look! More...

wholesale priced pearls - Stylish Necklaces - choose your black pearls from coin pearls to rice pearls to biwa pearls with either 925 sterling silver or 14k gold clasps ... More...

black pearl pendantsblack pearl earrings

wholesale priced pearlsBlack Pearl Pendant - black colored pearls are set in either in 925 sterling silver or 14k gold. Any kind of black pearls at any size, from drop shape to round shape... More...

wholesale priced pearlsBlack Pearl Earrings - All styles and designs, choose from classical studs to fashionable long dangling earrings to leverback earrings to chandelier earrings... More...

black classical pearl necklaceblack pearl bracelet

wholesale priced pearlsClassical Pearl Necklaces - a one row pearl necklace made of black colored round pearls. We can also customize your jewelry exclusively for you. More...

wholesale priced pearlsBracelets and Bangles - all made of real cultured pearls. The pearls range in size from 5mm to 10mm in a wide variety of styles More...

black pearl broochblack pearl ring

wholesale priced pearlsBlack Pearl Brooch to any outfit and you are impeccably dressed. A beautiful piece of pearl jewelry to add flair to your wardrobe anytime and anywhere. More...

wholesale priced pearlsBlack Pearl Ring to supplement your other pearl jewelry? Or just love to wear a black pearl ring to match your favorite black dress? You've come to the right place! More...

black loose pearlsblack pearl strands

wholesale priced pearlsLoose Black Pearls - From undrilled black round large sized pearls to half-drilled black pearls for making your own earrings and pendants; you can find in this department, and we can drill them in any way you want! More...

wholesale priced pearlsBlack Pearl Strands - From black coin pearls to keshi pearls to black biwa pearls to black nugget shaped pearls, whatever you need, we can special order the black pearl strands for you even if you do not see them in stock. More...

Our in-house workers and designers make pearl jewelry for various stores exclusive jewelry lines. Why not have them make a unique piece just for you? How about a fine pearl jewelry custom made for you or someone you love?

What should you consider when purchasing black pearls?

custom made for free

Think about the many shades of black. What shade of black do you like? Black colored pearls can be processed in a huge variety of shades from Tahitian black (with green or blue overtone) to multi-colored black (with pink, blue, and purple overtones).

Not all pearls look the same. What about size? What size of pearls do you prefer? Smaller pearls are great for young girls and bigger ones are more suitable for adults. These pearls can match almost anything and are suitable for all types of skin. They make a great addition to your jewelry collection or for as a gift for a friend!

You can order any kind of black pearls complete with any one of the pearl clasps from our store for a fine piece of jewelry at the discounted wholesale price from our store. They will be guaranteed to be treasured forever!

Black pearl earrings are called the "Princess Jewels." The Black Tahitian South Sea pearl is famous for its richness, color and appeal. It is even thought that pearl jewellery in black was the reason for the mutiny on the Bounty. There is no doubt that black pearls have allure and enchantment which has made them popular and wanted throughout history. So, if you want to wear something unique then buy some black pearl jewellery.

loose pearls and strands pearl ring and brooch pearl matching set and necklace necklace and bracelet pearl pendant and earrings