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Grey Pearl Jewelry

Gray Colored Pearls or Pearl Jewelry Directly from Pearl Farms and $ave!

Grey Pearls in Any Shape, Any Size

grey pearl jewelry
Gray Pearls Bring out the Mystery in You. Grey pearls are exquisite, stylish, and even a bit playful. Any woman not only is capable of bringing her best out but has the right to be able to do so as well. Something simple yet alluring like the gray pearl has that capability.

Often women choose jewelry because it appeals to them. In other words they like a particular jewel, or the color or the design of the jewelry. This is often the case when buying pearl jewelry. Of course every woman wants to be in fashion and feels extra special when they are wearing the hottest jewelry on the current market.

Using gray pearls though is an inexpensive way to get everything you want out of your jewelry for the money you are paying for it. If you think about it the color gray is one of the most universal colors going. It will work perfectly with both cool and warm skin tones. Not too many colors can achieve this.

You will get any pearl strand, any pearl necklace in any gray colored pearls from Light grey to dark grey. Whatever shade you want, we can make that gray color and the jewelry just for you!

Our pearl strands start from $1.87 per strand. For a culturedgrey baroque pearl necklace and earrings set in 925 sterling silver is only $28.99! Comparing it with any other retail or online jewelry stores, you can see that our prices are considerably lower.

When you have a variety of choices of shades in the gray pearls it opens many more fashion doors for you. For example the deepergray pearls speak of strength and boldness, while the lighter shades give the impression of demure and delicacy.

Combine the quality of these gray pearls that can be found here at then set them in one of the very exquisite 14K gold settings such as teardrop or heart designs and you have a piece of jewelry fit for the stars.

Buying grey colored loose pearls?

loose grey pearls

Find all half drilled individual grey colored eparls or pearls on temporary strands in any shape. We have any kind pearl in grey in any shape: round pearlsbutton pearlsgrey rice pearlsnugget pearlspotato pearls,biwa pearl strandstop drilled peanut grey pearls and in many other sizes!

Turn any jewelry into 14k Solid Gold Or Diamond?


Love a piece of jewelry but would rather to have it set in 14k gold? Or would like the jewelry to be set in real diamonds? We can make any piece of jewelry you love, be it gold plated metal or sterling silver, with 14K or 18K solid (yellow or white) gold. Because we are a jewelry manufacturer who can provide you with the exact style you want, instead of a dealer or a middleman who can only sell you what they have.

pearl pendants

If you want to make your gray pearl jewelry work for you then all you need to do is a little creative planning. You can make that single strand of gray pearls do something extra special. Here is an example. If you wear a black top with a lighter shade of gray pearls then you are complementing both the top and the quality of the pearls. Now if you combine that by wearing a pair of drop grey pearl earrings in a deeper shade, you are creating a complimentary contract and bringing out the best of your skin tones.

This is just one example of what you can do with some simple buy high quality gray pearl jewelry. The key here though is that the pearls must be authentic. If you were to try these techniques with plastic beads they would only serve to discredit your fine features.

With the quality of the gray pearls combined with the price that they are offered for here at, any woman can afford to have an entire collection of gray pearl jewelry. Learn a few skills of how to mix and match these pieces and you end up with a one of a kind look that will be the envy of all that get to witness your gray pearl jewelry collection.

Don't forget to combine a good choice of shape as well when you are choosing your different shades of gray pearls and pearl settings. For the bold and daring go for the larger pearls and for those shy and quiet occasions then choose perhaps one of the finebutton pearls.While you are building your pearl gray collection of jewelry be sure to add a few pieces of the pearls as well. These look magnificent worn separately or in combination with the gray.