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Pearls Guide

Pearls, Pearl Guide

How to choose pearls by Pearl Color, Pearl Shape & Jewelry Styles

Got pearl jewelry and do not know what to wear with it? Pearls are valuable and beautiful and must be preserved properly in order to maintain its shine and luster. Here is a quick and handy guide to all things pearly and lustrous and the clothes that look good with them. If you want to learn more about pearls and jewelry, you may also check out our Blog here for the latest.

Pearl Jewelry Making Tips

loose pearls

Bad Teacher star, Cameron Diaz, has been in the movie making business for years. It's difficult to avoid becoming a "one-hit wonder" but we still love watching her in The Green Hornet and now Bad Teacher. By now, she knows staying power does not only reply on pure luck and not even pure talent, but on fashion as well. Diaz has established a name that is not only known for her acting chops, but her trendy taste in fashion as well. In the photo above, Diaz displays that loose pearls aren't just for jewelry. For those craftsmen (and women!) up for the challenge, it would not be difficult at all fining a pair very similar, or more enjoyably, making a pair of your own with real pearls! Simply buy a pair of simple sandals, order to loose pearls, and hot glue the pearls to your sandals.

How to deal with knots in your pearl jewelry:

This can be applied to all jewelry including pearl neckalces and bracelets. We have all faced the trouble and frustration (no, you cannot deny this) when our multiple necklaces get jumbled together and we soon have this giant knot that seems impossible to figure out. You soon start to lost hope and think you’re never going to wear any of your necklaces until you finally break out in anger and start tugging and pulling at the knot, damaging the necklaces.

An easier solution is to lay the necklaces on a flat surface, grab a pin, stick the pin in the knot, and start shaking the knot until it grows lose enough for you to pull apart much more easily.

Shop Pearl Jewelry by Pearl Types

Cultured Freshwater Pearls

Freshwater pearls are the perfect adornment for any formal occasion. Short multiple necklaces, long looping single strands, teardrop earrings & gaudy bangles can all be purchased or you can make your own pearl jewelry by yourself. view details.

Shell Pearls

Seashell pearls also called Majorca pearls refers to simulate pearls that look like South Sea pearls, but they are man-made rather than pearls naturally created from oysters as with the majority of our freshwater pearls. view details.

Mother of Pearls

Mother-of-Pearl - an organic composite material produced by mollusks as an inner shell layer. A popular choice for jewelry for its uniqueness and natural beauty, it is widely used to make various decorative objects... view details.

Fake Pearls & Faux Pearl Jewelry

Fake pearls and faux pearl jewelry are exotic, sensual, and definitely elegant. They are an excellent accessory to your evening wear or party dress. view details.

Mabe Pearls

A mabe pearl is a hemispherical shaped pearl which is grown against the inside of the oyster's shell, rather than within its tissue.Buy Now.

Pearls in Oyster

Pearls in oyster are so unusual and rare that your recipient will never get over it! Now they can have unforgettable experience of "discovering" their very own pearls! view details.

Anyone (No, Really, Anyone) Can Pull Off Pearls

And you thought pearls were just for your grandma.

celebrity pearl jewelry

But hey, even tough gals like Angelina Jolie likes dressing up in pearls. Even former trouble child Kelly Osborne can be found wearing pearls. In this generation of Lady Gaga-esque fashion, Jolie is one of the few stars who can come off as tough, dangerous, and yet classy. If you are looking to add to your style, pearls are the way to go. Pearl necklaces are classy and elegant and add to any style. Even tattooed up chicks like Jolie who uses pearls to sophisticate her look. Whether you`re a tom boy or you the kind who likes floral skirts, pearls will only enhance your style.

How to care for your pearls:

Pearls are fragile and delicate and must be treated with as much delicacy as possible. It is important to avoid wearing pearls while bathing or washing dishes, etc. After wearing a pearl necklace, you should wipe down your pearl incase dirt or cosmetics have accumulated on it or the shine of your pearls will be dulled. Try to keep your pearls in safe velvet jewelry boxes by itself in order to avoid scratches.Pearl rings should also only be put on after applying moisturizer and make up, etc. Try to wipe your pearls after every time they are worn. Avoid wiping your pearls with anything but linen-free soft cloths.

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Shop Pearl Jewelry by Pearl Colors

White Pearls & White Colored Pearl Jewelry

White colored pearls are classic and timeless. You may specify and get white colored pearls with any colors overtoned. From ivory white, cream white, pure white to pinkish white etc... we have them all in stock. View details.

Pink Pearls & Pink Colored Pearl Jewelry

Pink pearls are known to create that gentle, sweet look on any woman. From pale pink, peach, baby pink to hot pink, we have every shade of pink colored pearls. view details.

Black Pearls & Black Colored Pearl Jewelry

Black pearls are exotic, sensual and definitely elegant. Black colored pearls can be processed in a huge variety of shades from Tahitian black to multi-colored black. view details.

Mauve Pearls & Mauve Colored Pearl Jewelry

Mauve pearls are dazzling and dreamy. What shade of mauve do you like? We have lavender(light purple), violet(purple) and mauve(purple-like color) in stock for our pearls. view details.

Chocolate Pearls & Chocolate Colored Pearl Jewelry

Chocolate pearls are luxurious, they are not only in style, they are hot. We have several shades of brown from dark brown or chocolate (closed to black) to light brown color to golden brown (with gold color overlay). view details.

Grey Pearls & Gray Colored Pearl Jewelry

Grey pearls are exquisite, stylish, and even a bit playful. There are several shades of grey and our pearls can be processed in a huge variety of grey tones such as light grey, Tahitian grey, or light champagne.view details.

Color Processing

The freshwater pearls have become one of the most popular accessories since the ancient time. Besides the traditional white, pink, lavender and black colors, freshwater pearls now come in a vast amount of gorgeous colors because of the modern technique.

Coloring process is very complex, it is very important that the durability of the color treatment lasts long time without fade and the color comes out consistently and lustrous. With, we improved the traditional technique and could uniformly apply many colors on our high quality freshwater pearls.

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Shop Pearl Jewelry by Pearl Shapes

Rice Pearls & Pearl Jewelry

Rice pearls are favored by most of jewelry designers for their various sizes and relatively regular shapes. You will get any kind of rice pearls or rice pearl jewelry at the lowest wholesale prices. View details.

Round Pearls & Pearl Jewelry

Classical and timeless. Round pearls are the most common form when we think of pearls. You can also buy round pearl strands with pearl clasps to make your own jewelry for a treasured gift forever... View details.

Baroque Pearls & Baroque Shaped Pearl Jewelry

Be radical and be different! That is the message from baroque pearls. loose baroque pearlsBaroque pearls, also called nugget pearls sometimes, are natural free shaped pearls with rugged surface and people love them for that view details.

Coin Pearls & Coin Pearl Jewelry

The name of coin pearls is originated from round coin pearl because of its unique shape that assemble coins. However,in reality, Coin pearls can be round, oval, or teardrop, square coin pearls, oblongs or diamond shapes. View details.

Keshi Pearls & Keishi Pearl Jewelry

Keshi pearls, also called cornflake pearls sometimes, are unusual and hard to get. Keshi pearls are loose keshi pearlsnatural free shaped flat and somewhat chunky pearls.View details.

Peanut Pearls & Pearl Jewelry

named because of their peanut-like shape. Like all pearls, they come in different colors and loose chocolate peanut pearlsshades and make them great accessories to any attire. View details.

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Tin Cup Pearl Necklaces

The Tin Cup Necklace is a classic, a stunning ensemble and delicate choice for feminine flair. This style of necklace has been very popular over the years and gets its name from the movie for a sophisticated style. view details.

Add a Pearl Necklaces

Pearls make an excellent gift for girls at any age. When you give an Add-A-Pearl necklace, the gift grows in beauty and value with each passing year. The create a pearl necklace is a popular gift that is often started at birth. view details.

Clip on Pearl Earrings

Clip-on earrings are a great gift for any occasion to a woman of any age and circumstance. They are a classic, tasteful complement and easy to wear. A must piece of jewelry in your wardrobe. view details.

Multi-Row Pearl Necklaces

Multi-row pearl necklace will bringing you the most fashionable looking and the hottest trends. From rice pearls, round pearls, coin pearls potato pearls, keshi pearls etc.. we can make any kind of pearl necklaces in any row you want. view details.

Long Pearl Necklaces

Long pearl necklaces are indeed one of the most famous fashion pieces since the earlier generation. You can put it in anyway you want. Tie it or make it in 2 or 3 rows and then let it hang in front of your chest, or make it 5 rows as a choker.Buy Now.

Big Pearl Jewelry

Big sized pearls give us the stunning beauty, however, they are usually more expensive mainly because they had to stay inside of oysters in turn stay under the water for a much longer time. view details.

How often you should restring your pearl necklaces:

If you frequently wear your pearl necklace(s), you may want to consider restringing them. Like a tennis racket’s strings, a pearl necklace’s silk string may also grow worn and will need to be restrung and tightened from time to time.

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