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Our Pearl Factory has All Shape, All Sized (1mm-35mm) Pearls, Drilled in Any Larger Hole Pearls @ the Highest Value, with
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Freshwater Pearls and Pearl Jewelry

Discover the Source! Real Pearls Jewelry @ 90% Off

Our store is not pretty as others, as we are not a middleman simply distributing pearl jewelry assembled else where with pretty pictures. We actually own thousands of acres of territory for the farming of freshwater pearls, and with our in-house manufacturing unit. Therefore, we are responsible for our products from raw materials all the way to finished jewelry, and we offer 90 Day RETURN for any item we sell, as a USA Corporation.

freshwater pearls  

So even though we do not have the prettiest pearl jewelry store with claimed higher discounts and flashy buzz words, we can get you the best deals for cultured pearls and pearl jewelry from the world's largest pearl farms and pearl factory, with huge selections.  What our repeating customers discovered is that they pay for the real pearls jewelrythat are directly from pearl farms at the lowest wholesale cost.

What kind of freshwater pearls we have:

Baroque Pearls

loose baroque pearls
baroque pearl strand

Round Pearls

loose round pearls
round pearl strand

Potato Pearls

loose semi-round pearls
potato pearl strand

Rice Pearls

loose oval or drop pearls strands
Rice pearls strand

Button Pearls

loose button pearls
button pearl strand

Coin Pearls

loose coin pearls
coin pearl strand

Keshi Pearls

cornflake or keishi pearls
keshi pearl strand

Peanut Pearls

top drilled peanut pearls
peanut pearl strand

Mother of Pearl

Loose MOP Pendants
mother of pearl strand

Shell Pearls

loose southsea </div><div class=
southsea shell pearl strand

Agate Beads

agate beads
agate strand

Coral Beads

loose coral beads
real coral strand

Jade Beads

jade beads
jade strand

Loose Pearls

Individual pearls
loose single pearl

Turquoise Beads

turquoise beads
turquoise strand

Pearl Clasps & Settings

pearl settings
pearl clasps

What our customers said about our products:

"I just received my 3-strand Jackie Kennedy-type necklace and my 18-inch, 8.0-8.5 mm strand and I am simply delighted! The pinkish luster on the 3-strand actually rivals a very pricey Mikimoto one that I own. I don`t know how you are able to deliver such a beautiful, high-quality product for such a modest price... Read More

Mrs. Jo Ann Pennock"

The lowest priced wholesale freshwater pearl jewelry with premium quality.

Here are four VERY strong reasons why you get the highest quality of pearl jewelry with the best prices when you buy from us:

Pearl jewelry made of real pearls, a rare commodity that has always been possessed only by the rich and famous who could afford them in the past, can be made affordable to any woman who treasures the beauty with a piece of premium pearl jewelry at an affordable price.