11-13mm Huge Size Oval Shaped Nice Quality White Rice Pearls Strands

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These large sized rice pearls are high AA+ quality without many circles as the LPSO1213 which we also carry. They are drop shaped pearls in 11-13mm sizes. (Measured from pearl’s shortest distance), with some markings mainly because of their larger sizes, which means these pearls had to stay in water much longer time period than smaller sized pearls, therefore just like human, as we are all made of nature, inevitably are more subject to potential imperfections and markings as a result of environmental damages.

Pearls in these large sizes are already rare, especially with this high luster.  The neglectable markings only are showing they are made of nature instead of plastic. Therefore, even though they are AA+ quality graded, actually equivalent to AAA- graded as they are truly very nice and big.

Each strand has approximately 28 pearls on it.



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