13-16mm Authentic Golden South Sea High Quality Round Pearl Necklace


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This amazing pearl necklace will be your family treasure forever. Made of round shaped genuine south sea pearls at huge 13-16mm in sizes. The necklace comes with most sought-after golden color for South Sea pearls.

The necklace is made of very round shaped AAA- high quality of pearls with very minimal spots that can be only observed upon close examination, with beautiful high luster. And it is priced unbelievably at almost the same price as if it’s for a baroque shaped pearl necklace from other stores.

With a total of 29 pearls, and a princess length of 17in,  this necklace is perfect for anybody, as it can be worn on any occasion, whether it is a formal evening event or as an everyday casual as it will be recoginzed and appreciated for its high quality for its origination of real southsea pearls with thick and iridescent nacre.

The Pearl Necklace will be double knotted with japanese silk thread and finished with a high quality 14K gold round ball clasp or any single row clasp in the the pearl clasp department of our store at your choice. And it comes with a complete satisfaction and money back guarantee.


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