14k Yellow or White Gold 7-7.5mm Round White Pink Black and Multi- Color Tin Cup Pearl Necklace




Genuine AA+ high quality pearl tin cup necklace set in 14k solid gold.

Delicate and elegant, this tin cup necklace is set in 14k yellow or white gold and 17.5″ long for listed price.

The necklace is made of high AA+ quality 7-7.5mm pearls that are very round, with minimal surface markings which are just enough to show they are made of real pearls instead of perfect plastic made imitation pearls.

This tin cup necklace is secured by 14k gold clasp as well.

A perfect birthday or graduation gift for an unbelievable low price with genuine pearls and 14k solid gold!

A real bargain when gold price is way over $500/oz.

It will be treasured for a long, long time.

Available in both 14k white gold and yellow gold chain as the pictures shown.

For 16in long gold chain, only lavender set in 14k yellow or white gold available for you to choose from.

For 17in long gold chain, we have white, chocolate, black(sold out) and multi-color pearl necklaces for you to choose from. As you can see from the first picture, for multi-colored necklace, it has white, pink and mauve colored pearls on.

Shop early for the best selection.

If you prefer bigger and rare sized pearls, we also have 9-9.5mm AAA quality white pearls set in 14k yellow gold at 18in long.

The cost is $349.99 for both larger and rare sized pearls and longer 14k gold chain. It is available for immediate shipping. You can specify it and authorize us to charge the additional if that is the necklace you would like to order.

The difference between pearl size at 9-9.5mm and 7-7.5mm can be seen from the last picture with white pearls are much bigger than the black ones thus a not-so-modest and glamors looking instead.

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