White 8-9mm Rice and 4-5mm Potato Pearl Necklace, 925 SS
8-9mm Rice and 4-5mm Potato Pearl Necklace 925 Silver
February 22, 2016
High AA+ Quality 6-7mm Round Pearl Necklace 4 Colors of Pearls
February 22, 2016
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White 6-7mm 3-row Genuine Rice Pearl Necklace, Round Clasp
White 20mm Round Shaped Pearl Clasp

3-row 6-7mm Genuine Rice Pearl Necklace Round Clasp

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Classy and elegant, this beautiful pearl necklace makes a great gift for anyone!

This necklace includes three pearl strands in 3 different lengths: 16″, 18″ and 20″.

They are high quality AA 6-7mm Rice pearls with very high luster, and without any visible surface flaws.

The necklace is finished with a 20mm round shaped pearl clasp as the picture shown.

Each pearl is individually hand knotted with double silk threads.

Only white necklaces are available for immediate delivery.

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