8mm Southsea Shell Pearl Brooch 18k Gold Overlay

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A beautiful bunch of flowers!

A perfect gift for a lady who has everything, and it is guaranteed to fit.

Elegant and understated, this pearl brooch has 8 round southsea shell (replica) pearls in 8mm set in cz diamonds.

The brooch measures approximately 2 1/4″ to 1 1/4″ in two dimensions. It has an approximate weight of 18 grams.

Several colors of pearls are available for you to choose from:

white(sold out),


silver grey,

pale pink (sold out),

rose pink (sold out),


peacock black and

peacock green.

What is a South Sea Shell Pearl?

Shell pearls, which are marketed under many brand names, are a pearling industry term for simulated, or replica pearls made from mother of pearl.  In the case of our South Sea Shell pearls, they’re shell pearls specifically made to simulate South Seas cultured pearls.  Shell pearls are made in a factory rather than grown inside an oyster or mussel. They’re considered to be the best quality replicas you can get because they are made from shell, not plastic or glass.


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