Unique Free-Formed Grey Colored 15x30mm Large Coin Pearl Strand


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These are very unique type of coin pearl strands in grey color.

Not only each one of them has its own size from 15mm to as big as 30mm, but also it has its own shape which makes it difficult to give its size as you can see from the pictures, with relatively smoother surface comparing with baroque pearls and nice luster.

The coin pearls are strung together on a loose temporary strand with about 19-21 pearls on it. You break the strand and use each pearl individually  as pendant or ring, or use them for a necklace or bracelet by alternating it with other pearls or beads.

These are all real coin pearls, not made of machine, therefore some have a little markings here and there to show they are made of nature. But still in a beautiful and pleasant overall impression with nice luster and larger sizes. Only grey colored pearls are available in stock.


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