Genuine Pearls and Gemstones Dangle Earrings 925 Silver

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These earrings are made of genuine pearls and gemstones in French wire style. The pair of earrings measures 1 1/2″ long and has an approximate weight of 11grams.

This beautiful pair of dangling earrings is set in pure 925 sterling silver wires for pierced ears, so even the most sensitive ears can wear them and the pins which are used to hold pearls are made of base metal.

There are four color combinations available for you to choose from: white, pink, mauve and black.

The white pearl earrings are made of 5-6mm semi-round pearls, 5-6mm rice pearls, 8-9mm rice pearls, 11-12mm coin pearls, 6mm and 8mm white coral beads. (temporarily sold out)

The pink pearl earrings are made of pink pearls and pink coral beads.

The mauve pearl earrings are made of mauve pearls and 8mm purple crystal beads.(temporarily sold out)

The black pearl earrings are made of black pearls and black onyx beads. (temporarily sold out)

These genuine freshwater pearls and gemstones earrings in silver are a perfect gift idea for any woman.

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