Rare Large 10x25mm Top Drilled Biwa 158 Pearls High Quality


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Theis is a beautiful, large and rare biwa pearl strand that has been top-drilled stick pearls. They are hard to come by with such high luster and large size. You can sell these pears individually or just make your jewelry by pieces as other stores do with enormous profit potential.

These large biwa pearls have a length between 15-28mm, with majority about 20-25mm, and have a width about 8-13mm with majority around 9-12mm approximately). As you can see these are unique shaped pearls, none of them is exactly the same as another but they all have the same high luster and color overtone with almost no flaws.

Biwa Pearls at this size and quality are hard to come by. And they are approximately 158 pearls on each strand.

Only white pearls at this high quality are available for immediate delivery.

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