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Your Complete Satisfaction Guarantee – 90 Day Return
from Online Pearls Wholesaler

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OrientalPearls.net BBB Business ReviewOriental Pearls is a division of C. D. Plus Inc. – a verified Dun & Bradstreet business incorporated in eastern San Diego County, California, USA. We are a licensed wholesaler and retailer in the State of California for freshwater pearls and pearl jewelry, and also a member of the Better Business Bureau of good standing and have been online since 2002 when we brought our pearl farms online.

110% Low price -we guarantee we will not be undersold!As an online pearls’ wholesaler for more than 22 years, we are so confident that we can guarantee your pearls with 100% price protection with 10% below to match program. You just need to show the product and the price to us, and we will match it below 10% of the price. A free certificate of authenticity will come with your order.

90day money back guarantee

Not only that, our 90-day return policy gives you plenty of time to compare and consider your purchase. Some companies have shorter guarantee periods with little time for you to find out if that so-called silver jewelry would turn black after wearing it a few times, not to mention the big shipping cost.

But with our 90-day period and flat shipping rate as low as $6, you can return those items without signs of wear and tear or customized design within 90 days of the date of shipment to our office in the USA for a refund or an exchange if you weren’t satisfied the first time. It’s that simple. You will only need to be liable for the shipping if your order falls under $35.

6 months free warranty protection

Our in-house workers and jewelry designers can also provide you with customized size, length, and design and 6-month warranty services. We treat our customers as if they were our “only” customers. This is our top priority for Oriental Pearls. We value your returning patronage and hopefully, by word of mouth, our business can grow even bigger.

Our high-quality products and skillful workers allow us to stand right behind all of our products. We have created the strongest guarantee program – all products are backed by our Four-Part Guarantee as the following:

Our 4 Part Protection Guarantee Program:

    • Lowest price guarantee with 100% price protection with 10% to match program
    • 90-day Complete Customers Satisfaction Guarantee
    • 6 months Free Warranty Protection for your peace of mind
    • Security and Privacy Guarantee

Low Price Guarantee – Orientalpearls.net guarantees you the lowest prices with 100% Price Protection with 10% below to match!

We absolutely refuse to be undersold!

Take your pearls to any retail store, and you will find that our price is considerably low compared with any jewelry store prices. Why? Because jewelry products that arrive at their shops go through middlemen, thus marking up the listed price.

If you find an item elsewhere (before or within 30 days of your purchase from OrientalPearls.net) for a lower price, you will be eligible for our “100% price protection” with 10% below to match program.

The item must be the identical product, color, grade, size, packaging, etc. The price you wish us to match must be verifiable on the Internet or through a printed advertisement. The competitor’s advertisement must be current, and the product must be in stock.

If you ask us to match a price, the competitor’s shipping and handling charges and sales tax, if applicable, must be taken into account when we calculate the competitor’s price.

Example: Orientalpearls.net price (+S&H): $100.00
Competitor price (+S&H): $95.00
Difference: $5.00
Total Refund: $5.00+$0.50 (at 10%)

Price adjustments are limited to one price match per item within the 30-day period. Competitors coupons or promotions for first time or one time use will be considered non-verifiable and therefore not accepted for the low-price guarantee. Competitive items must be in stock at the time.

Shipments to California are subject to 7.75% sales tax and will not be included as part of the price match calculation. NOTE: Please allow 7-10 business days following your price match request for your refund to be processed. Price matches will not be honored on liquidation sales or “going out of business” sales.

OrientalPearls.net reserves the right to deny any price match on an item that is not in stock with a competitor or does not meet the criteria of our price match policy.

Online Security and Privacy Guarantee

We guarantee the safety of our website and security of your information.

You can count on Oriental Pearls to not only handle our sales with the highest level of professionalism, but also on ensuring the absolute security of your information and satisfaction with your order. Check our spotless Better Business Bureau records if you want to be sure. Every day our website is checked over thoroughly by McAfee`s web security team for any vulnerabilities.

Thanks to McAfee’s dedication we`re able to guarantee each day that you`re shopping on a secure website that`s been thoroughly tested against the sorts of techniques hackers use to try and steal your information. With our TrueBusinessID SSL certificate all the information that you send when you shop at our store will be encrypted using 128 or 256-bit SSL/TLS encryption. That information is then sent to industry leader Authorize.net for payment processing. Of course, if that does not secure enough, we also offer Paypal as another option for paying for your orders. So, you can decide which one you feel you`d trust the most.

Guaranteed Security

When you buy from us you can be sure your transactions are secure via Paypal or Stripe, only one of the few largest credit payment processors. Because we don’t store any sensitive financial information on our servers when you shop online so you`re shielded as much as possible from identity theft. We can`t suffer a data breach, because there is no data to lose.

Since we don’t store credit card information, if you wish to add additional items or make modifications to your order that require us to charge you again, you`ll have to call us up and give us your credit card information to submit a second transaction.

Guaranteed Privacy

When you shop at Oriental Pearls, we protect your personal information just like we protect your financial information. We`ll only use the information you provide us during checkout for the purposes of collecting payment and shipping your order. It would not be given, sold, rented, leased, or otherwise transferred to any third party for any reason whatsoever. Your information is always safe with us. If you are still worried however then please don`t hesitate to bring any concerns you might have to our attention. Either via our Live Support chatroom, emailing [email protected] or by calling us at (619) 405-2879. We will do all we can to prove to you that you and all your information are safe with us. You can review our detailed privacy policy here for all the specifics.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not happy with your order, then we DON’T want your money.

We pride ourselves in carrying high quality products and we hope that you will be pleased with your order. Nevertheless, there will be instances for damages during the transportation or unmatched colors. Please note that you can return anything except custom personalized items for any or no reason. We want you to be 100% happy with the products or we refuse to accept your money!

For 90 days from your purchase, we guarantee your satisfaction by having a “no questions asked” time period. If you need to return something, please send an e-mail to [email protected] within seven days of receiving your order for an authorization on a return. We will accept authorized returns within 90 days as long as the items are in its original condition – without any wear and tear in its original packaging.

Once we’ve received your returned items we will begin processing them right away. During processing your items will be inspected to make sure they are undamaged and have no moderate to strong scents/odors on them. If damage is found on your returned item(s) that did not occur during initial shipping of the items to you or they have a moderate to strong scent or odor of any kind then the item will be ineligible for return. To qualify as being damaged during shipping we require notification of the damage within five business days of the confirmed delivery of your item(s) including a description of the damage and as well as being sent a picture of the damage via email. If your order was sent via a shipping method that does not contain insurance, then your item will be ineligible to be returned for damage during initial shipping.

In shipping items back to us it is solely the customer’s responsibility to package the item securely and if they wish to insure the package on the way back to us. At this time, we do not have the ability to provide a return label service so even if you request reimbursement for return postage it can only be provided by emailing us a scanned copy of your postal receipt, which we will reimburse you for when we process your return. We cannot refund items that were damaged or lost in transit back to our offices. We will, however, repair any damaged items sent to us in accordance with our six-month warranty.

Within three to five business days of receiving your package we’ll refund the amount that you paid for the products returned. Please note that due to certain limitations in our software we’re unable to enforce restrictions on shipping methods. Not all shipping methods are available under all circumstances. In the event that an item weighs more than the maximum allowable weight for that shipping method or the item cannot be adequately shipped safely using that method it must be upgraded to a higher level of shipping. This is typically done complimentarily in most cases. In the event this occurs, and a refund is requested on an order then this amount will cease to become complimentary, and the difference will be deducted from any requested refund amount. For all non-customized regularly sold items, there will be no restocking fees, no questions asked. Please note that once your order is shipped out, unless we send it to the wrong address shipping fees are entirely ineligible for refund under any other circumstances. If you refuse or return any items, then the cost related to the flat-rate shipping method used to send your order out to you cannot be refunded and any extra fees associated with complimentary upgrades must be deducted from the refund amount.

To ensure a timely refund, please call  (619) 405-2879 in advance for a return authorization. In your return package, please make sure to provide us with either your invoice number or your name on the credit card that was charged, and we will refund your money within 5 days after we receive your package.

For orders paid for via credit card refunds may only be issued to the original card used to purchase the order. If this card is no longer valid, then refunds may only be issued via a business check mailed to your address. Orders paid for via PayPal are not subject to this limitation.

For special ordered items that we are not selling in our store, there will be a restocking fee ranging from between 15-30% depending on both the extent of the customizations and the dollar value of the item returned. Restocking fees are charged due to the difficult nature of re-selling or even reuse the special one-of-a-kind pieces made just for your needs which could be a total loss for us. But we want your complete satisfaction, which is why these items also come with a 6-month warranty.

For orders originally shipped out via our “free shipping” option, $5.97 shipping fee will be applied to all returned orders as that was the amount we had to to pay for while shipping your package.

Our Guarantee of Pearls Quality and Materials

At Oriental Pearls we can guarantee that what you see will be what you get. When we say 925 sterling silver, or fourteen karat gold, we mean it. We have to, it’s the law. Sometimes you may find several other sellers selling similar items to ours, cheaper. However, one thing to note is all of these sellers are conspicuously located outside of the United States of America, usually in countries with very lax laws concerning international business, or restrictions on what can and can’t be sent back into the country. Such businesses are shielded from returns by their country’s laws and this enables them to sell low quality products that look nothing like what they advertise. They use deceptive advertising practices and often clone their website with several slightly different designs and different names to try and reach as many people as possible and end up making money at their customers’ expense.

We can guarantee right now you’ll never see anything like that from us. As an American incorporated company with a spotless Better Business Bureau record Oriental Pearls guarantees absolute quality in every item we sell, and in the event that for some reason you’re not satisfied then we can guarantee your ability to return merchandise for an exchange or refund. We strive to make the best jewelry we can, and at the lowest prices. Our margins are set in stone, so the only thing that’d ever cause the prices at our store to change would be either a rise in the cost of the raw materials (values of gold/silver or pearl harvest yields) or a change in the exchange rate of U.S. Dollars to Yuan (we can’t pay our pearl farm workers in dollars after all.)? So you can trust that while we may not always have the absolute cheapest price on the block; We’ll never be beat in the value we offer you for each dollar in the quality of the items that you receive.

90-day Money Back Return Policy

Please understand however that we cannot provide return postage for any returns covered under our 90-day satisfaction guarantee. Return postage is only covered in the event of damage during shipping (if your selected shipping method came with insurance) or if the wrong type of item was sent with your order. In the event of damage during shipping the damage must be reported (with pictures sent) within five business days of the confirmed delivery of your item(s). Any damage reported after that point is considered damage during use and is ineligible for return postage. Due to issues of color perception as well as personal preference, no order can be issued return postage for dissatisfaction with the quality of the merchandise or the color/shade of any item under any circumstances whatsoever. Return postage will also only be covered for items sent via first class airmail or USPS priority mail. We cannot at this time issue return labels so your postage will be reimbursed after we receive the returns. Because of this we cannot be held responsible for any items that are lost during transit back to our offices and therefore cannot provide returns or exchanges or reimburse postage for any lost item(s). It is also the customer`s responsibility to pack their returned items securely and if they deem necessary to insure their return parcel. If the returned item is damaged on its way back to us and was not being returned for damage during shipping, then the item will be ineligible for return under our 90-day satisfaction guarantee. The item will still however be eligible for repair under our six month warranty. Return postage is only provided under the above circumstances.

6-month Free Warranty to have a real sense of peace of mind with your purchases

The 6-month warranty ensures your peace of mind ownership. All of the following items are covered:

1) Any repair work, no matter how much damage was done. Just send it back and we will repair it for you at no extra cost. All you will have to pay is the shipping cost involved. Just send it to our corporate office in the USA.

2) Any resize or restringing work. Only extra pearls cost will be applied if you would like to upgrade your pearls from 6-7mm to 9-10mm or increase the length of a necklace.

3) Any clasp changes. If you find a pretty diamond clasp for your necklace, you can change it or upgrade from single row to multi-strands.

Whatever repair work or resizing you want, we will do it for you without any additional cost, except for the pearls and shipping expenses involved. Please make sure to email us before you send the product so that we know exactly what you would like us to do for you.

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