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Loose Pearls & Pearl Strands or Customize Your Own Unique Pearl Jewelry FREE

Orientalpearls.net is a division of C.D. Plus, Inc., a verified Dun & Bradstreet business and a member of Better Business Bureau over 20+ years. It is incorporated in eastern of San wholesale member sign upDiego, California, USA. You can find more about Oriental Pearls or check out our A+ Rating on BBB (Better Business Bureau) website. We are a pearls wholesaler, not a hi-tech or internet retailer, therefore, we do not spend your money on getting a fancy website or online marketing. But we use that money to get you the highest value pearls. Our in-house manufacturing unit can custom make your jewelry for FREE, in any colored pearls, any shape, or special drilling, at any quantities you need. Be it 1 piece or 10,000+ pieces. If you own a business/jewelry store and also have a seller permit and would buy in quantities, please check out wholesale member application page so you do not have to pay any sales taxes. If you are a retail customer who would like to get your jewelry unique, instead of mass made. We can custom make them for you Free. Whatever you need, you can get your pearls direct from pearl farms, be it a finished Pearl Jewelry or Unfinished Pearl Strands, a Single or Individual Pearl or Pearl Settings, all on the top of these web pages, at your fingertips.

Pearls Online Wholesale Since 2002

pearls online since 2002

A member of the Better Business Bureau of A+ standing

Pearls Direct from Pearl Farms

pearls from farm directly

Entire farms to choose from w/ Complete Risk-Free Guarantee

Free Shipping $35 & Return 90 Days

pearls online since 2002

Free Shipping or Low Shipping Cost with Automatic Upgrade

We Wholesale – Pearl Necklaces, Earrings & Jewelry, Loose Pearls & Strands, Pearl Findings & Pearls in Oysters

Pearl Earrings

Pearl Earrings

Fashion Pearl Earrings

Pearl Pendants

Pearl Pendants

Classical Pearl Pendants

Loose Pearls

Loose Pearls

Individual Pearls

Pearl Clasps

Pearl Clasps

Silver/Gold Clasp

Pearl Cages

Pearl Cages

Designed Pearl Cage

Colored Pearls

Colored Pearls

Colored Pearl Jewelry

Pearl Chains

Pearl Chains

Sterling Silver Chain

Any Colored Pearls, Any Design, Any Quantity Your Need

We have supplied pearls and pearl jewelry for companies all over the world including USA companies from QVC, cruise ship companies, jewelry designers, jewelry makers to retail stores or even real estate agents online since 2002. No matter what your business is, we can help! In addition, you are guaranteed by a USA corporation with 100% complete satisfaction by USA laws, unlike dealing with a foreign company.

wholesale pearl set

Not only you will not have to worry about products’ quality, payment or shipment, but also you will have no wasting of time dealing with 3rd parties, as we take full responsibility for everything, as demonstrated by our stellar online record ever since we came online since 2002.

Why OrientalPearls.net is the best USA pearls wholesaler for pearls and pearl jewelry?

Because we can provide you any size, any shape, any grade, any colored pearls and jewelry, in any quantity.

freshwater pearl sizes

From 1mm Seed Pearls to 40mm Large Sized Pearls

round pearl jewelry

From low grade all the way to AAA quality

pearl strands in any shape

From round pearls to other shaped pearls

colored pearls

Whatever color you like, we can make for you

We own thousands of acres of pearl farms in China where freshwater pearls are cultured and produced. From there, after the pearls are cleaned, graded, sorted, and either drilled for stringing on a hank, or packed in undrilled batches, it is off to our dedicated in-house workers to ensure the quality is up to standard. When you buy from us, you can get any types of pearls, from un-drilled, un-processed natural pearls sold by ounces to any colored loose pearls you want us to process for you, and ultimately the pearl jewelry you want.

Finished Pearl Jewelry from Pearl Necklaces, Earrings…

Loose Pearls & Pearl Beads for Jewelry Making

Pearl Settings for Jewelry Making

Pearl Clasps for Jewelry Making

DIY materials for Jewelry Making

We control everything that goes into our pearl jewelry, ensure not only your products` safety, but also your personal information security that will never be sold. Read more to find out why we are called the best pearls wholesaler.

We Bring Wholesale Freshwater Pearl Farms Online = You $ave More

What kind of freshwater pearls we have:

baroque pearl strand

Baroque Pearls

Round Pearls

rice pearl strand

Rice Pearls

peanut strand

Peanut Pearls

button strand

Button Pearls

coin pearl strand

Coin Pearls

keshi strand

Keshi Pearls

southsea shell pearl strand

Shell Pearls

tigers eyes

Genuine Corals

turquoise beads

Turquoise beads

jade beads

Jade Beads

agate beads

Agate Beads

1) For Pearls Lovers and retail customers:

Huge Selection & Custom made for free @ no minimum order requirement. From thousands of loose pearls and loose strands to clasps, settings and findings to fully completed jewelry. We can get you freshwater pearls in any shape, size and grade, and drill them in any sized holes or anyway you want, from top drilled, to side drilled, to double drilled or undrilled.

Need to have a specific color? Not a problem! our skilled workers can process your pearls in any color. Need your next big custom designed piece mass produced? Not an issue, just let us know and we can get you a time and price quote within 24 hours. That`s not all, we also have Wish/Love pearl gift sets and oysters with pearls waiting inside them.

2) For Start up Businesses:

Buy only when you need it

Some of our wholesalers who started with $1, 000 are now doing $100,000 a month. At OrientalPearls.net, a division of C.D. Plus Inc run from our headquarters in California, we can work to help get your business off of the ground. We also give you a 90-day total satisfaction guarantee. So if anything goes wrong, i. e. shorter or longer necklaces, reimbursement, exchanges, repairs, or modifications are just an email or grab us on live chat almost 24/7.

3) For Jewelry Store Owners – On Line or Off line

We drop shipp pearls for many websites or store owners. All you need to =do is to email and register with us first so that we know about your store or you website. Then every time you got an order, just call us or place the order on our website site with your customers information, and your store`s name, we will ship it with your site or store name and ship it directly to your customers, with no receipt or any logo from us.

All of our orders come with flat rate shipping, free gift packaging, and even free gifts for orders over $50.00. We offer competitive wholesale prices, but most importantly, you can reduce your overhead through drop shipping.

Rest assured that our dedicated staff will make sure our jewelry leaves every one of your customers with a smile on their faces. That is why every piece comes with a 90 day satisfaction guarantee and a six month warranty. If your customers are not happy, then neither are we.

4) For Jewelry Designers – Let Us Produce them for you, in Any Quantity you Need & Make it a Reality

Have the idea for your next big piece of jewelry floating around in your head? We can help make it reality. We provide you with everything you use to make our own jewelry, so you will not have to struggle finding what you need to make your masterpiece. If we don`t have it, then we can use our exhaustive connections in the Chinese jewelry market to do the work for you, and find what you need at prices few others have.

Got a looming deadline or huge quantity order and you don`t know if you have the time and/or money to assemble all of the jewelry you need? Let us do all the productionwork for you. Our pearl farm and jewelry factory in China enables us to slash your labor costs in ways few others ever could and get your jewelry ready just in time for that next big show. We will sign the no disclosure form for your design with you first and you know we will keep our words as a USA company.

Just let us know in advance what you need and when you need it by and we can get back to you with a guaranteed time/price quote for your next order.

5) For Any Type of Businesses looking to cut costs and increase profits:

Is the economy hitting you hard and sales are down? Let us help you recoup your profits and find you the lowest cost wholesale pearls for your needs. If you own a store, you probably would rather to buy in large quantity to save more, and we are ready to help you cut your costs. With our wholesale site, we can assist businesses that need to order their stock in bulk. Since most store owners have their own boxes with their own logos, and do not need those extras such as free gift packaging, free gifts, free silver chains, or flat rate shipping, we can provide you with the lowest possible total cost per order by doing in this way to save you even more.

We assemble everything you need according to your request, and send it straight from our pearl farms in China. There are no hidden margins,our items are priced only according to the raw material and labor cost to assemble what you need at our own factory in Shanghai. Our costs are your costs and we`ll show you where every penny you spend goes, so we can work together to find the order size that’s right for your business and your customers?needs. We guarantee your satisfaction in both quality of the products and value we provide.

6) For promotional gifts or corporate gifts for employees for whatever event you have in mind

Need a killer promotional event to go off without a hitch? Pearls can add that touch of glamour and sophistication to any event. Companies are fast catching on to the fact that when they order hundreds of pearl gifts for their employees, they are paying the same prices they would pay for complimentary coffee mugs, but getting something infinitely more valuable. Find out how we can help you promote your business.

Our products will always be the same as the samples that we send you, that is the promise that a lot of overseas companies can not fulfill, as we were told by our customers repeatedly. Use our pearl jewelry for your business promotional items or give-away items

Our pearl jewelry can be one of the best promotional items or a give-away gifts you can find. Why? Because we get your pearls directly from our pearl farms in China and have your pearl jewelry exclusively per your specifications, by our own skilled workers with competitive labor costs. So they will be unique and for your promotional items or give-away gifts.

7) For whoever need to buy pearls in bulk wholesale member signup

If you would like to buy pearls in quantities, you can set up a wholesale account with us. We have the lowest wholesale prices and widest selections for you to choose from. No matter how large your quantity is, we can do it. Not only that, we guarantee that your shipment will look every bit as good as your samples. Please email us at [email protected] after you register with us, so we can open an wholesale account for you, and you can purchase online with the lowest wholesale prices directly.

We will help you find the right item at the right price for your next big event, no matter what it is. We’ve been working in the pearl industry well before the magic of the internet enabled us to reach out to everyone big and small alike, so we`ve got the experience necessary to make your next big thing a reality.

Whoever you are, we are ready to do whatever we can to help your business succeed in these trying times. We stake our survival on yours. Let’s get started working together today.

We have got many ways to help every business

  • Need thousands of memorable corporate gifts for your next big company party? We can do it!
  • Looking to fill your stores before the next big holiday rush with something beautiful and unique? No problem!
  • Holding a charity event, and need millions of cheap but classy gifts to hand out? We`re right there with you!

We are confident in our prices. For any product on our site, if you see it elsewhere at a lower price than ours, we will match it for 10% below!(Please note: product must be exactly the same.)

Act now and get the lowest wholesale priced freshwater pearls and pearl jewelry here with the highest quality. You won’t find a better cross section of price, quality, or service anywhere else. So if this sounds like what you need, sign up today and become our latest member in our wholesale program.

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