Jewelry and Craft Glue 2-Part Mixture Epoxy for the Strongest Strength



Ever wanted to make your own earrings, rings or pendants? Well now you can do it easily with Japanese AB Jeweler`s epoxy!

This colorless two-stage resin and hardener is perfect for jewelry setting and gap filling. Simply mix up even proportions of the resin and hardener and then apply (we recommend using a toothpick or similarly sized applicator for the most professional look) for a strong, invisible looking bond on your jewelry. The mix ratio of B tube to A tube is 1:1.

Two kinds of Epoxy are available. Although written in Japanese(sold out), each order comes with one tube of resin, and one of the hardener as well as detailed instructions in English on how to use. It weighs approximately ten grams each.

The more expensive one dries in about 10 minutes comparing with the other one which takes about 10 hours even though it is desirable to leave both of them some time (a few hours to cure or cement) as they are epoxy instead of wearing right away. And both will provide the highest strength you can get for jewelry making or craft than any regular kind of Glue on the market.

Additional information

Drying Time

24 Hour Dry, 10 Minute Dry


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