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Why pay middlemen for freshwater pearls and jewelry at high prices when you could get your pearls at wholesale prices online and have discount pearl necklaces custom made for a very low cost? You can buy cultured pearls or pearls in oysters, at ZERO risk from the world`s largest freshwater pearl farm direct with a USA based pearls wholesaler - a D & B and BBB accredited business in California since 2002!
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When you buy pearls online from, you will get unique pearl jewelry made as per your request with the best quality freshwater pearls at the lowest wholesale prices. Guaranteed! Why?

* In any shape - from classical round pearls, rice or oval pearls, coin pearls, cornflake pearls or keshi, baroque pearls, button pearls and biwa pearls, to many other shaped pearls!

* In any grade - from low grade pearls (intended for pearl powder or pharmaceutical use) all the way to the best AAA and top gem quality, featured in high end  jewelry and department stores by jewelry designers.

* Drilling pearls in any way you want - half drilled, double drilled, top drilled, center drilled or diagonally drilled. You can ask for standard hole size for a pearl necklace, or any larger hole sizes that you specify from 1mm to 2.5mm.

* In any color - from black, white, pink, gray, brown, champagne, chocolate, red, blue to mauve and more! Whichever colored pearls you choose, we can process it for you in two weeks! Besides naturally colored pearls, including white, pink, mauve and lavender, we also wholesale pearls in peacock, chocolate, ivory, cream, pink, champagne, yellow, green, red, and cranberry shades.

* In any size - from tiny 1mm seed pearls to gorgeous 14mm or even 18mm baroque pearls.

* In any quantity - whether it is one piece or 1000 pieces of pearl jewelry in bulk, we can produce them for you. We also sell them by the ounce, pounds, or by hank to make your own unique design at an affordable cost to you whom are sellers so you can earn a higher profit margin and more sales!

Because we own our own pearl farms and in-house manufacturing unit! When you buy your pearls from us, you get

  • No layers of middlemen: no importers, no distributors, and no retail vendor profits.
  • A straight line between our pearl farm and our in house manufacturing unit to you.
  • The ability to create your own unique style by having your pearl jewelry custom-made by skilled workers to your taste and specified size, length of pearl necklace, and pearl color.
  • The highest quality pearl jewelry set in either 14k/18k gold and diamonds or 925 Sterling Silver - guaranteed at the lowest wholesale prices, starting from $30.

Because we own our own pearl farms and in-house manufacturing unit