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Pearl Beads, Loose Single Pearl, and Pearl Strands – Freshwater Pearl Farm Direct

Loose pearl beads, loose freshwater pearls or pearl strands – With our own pearl farms, we have got both loose Single Pearl and Pearl Strands in all Shapes, Colors, and all Sizes from 1mm seed pearl to 35 huge sized baroque pearls! Drilled to your specification of any hole sizes you need, at any quantities you want.

pearl beads strands

Loose Pearl Beads in All Colors, Sizes and Shapes at Wholesale

Need real loose pearl beads to make jewelry? With our own freshwater pearl farms, you can get freshwater pearl beads in all sizes and shapes, in any color, from cranberry pearls, to green, yellow, champagne, dark colored pearls, or black pearls. You can get pearls the size of tiny seed pearls of a mere 1mm to large 25-35mm pearls, as well as pre-drilled pearls with large holes.   You can choose the size of the hole and drill in most any way you like, from top drilled to center drilled, and side drilled, etc.

golden colored edison pearls

What kind of loose freshwater pearl beads do we have?

Loose Pearls on Strands in Any Color, Size and Shape

rice pearl beads on strands

round pearl beads on strands

baroque pearl beads on strands

button pearl beads on strands

keshi pearl beads strands

potato pearl beads strands

coin pearl strands

biwa pearl beads strands

peanut pearl beads strands

south sea shell pearl beads

pearl settings

DIY Materials

Loose Pearl beads

You can also buy loose pearls or individual pearls by single piece, by oz, or by hank. You can also buy the best imitation pearls, south sea shell pearls, along with other semi-gem stones on strands from jade beads, genuine coral beads to turquoise and more!

We can also drill your loose pearl beads to any hole sizes you specify!

0.7mm is for regular sized holes that are widely used for all loose pearl beads. If you need a bigger hole such as when using leather ropes to lace through the holes of your custom jewelry, please let us know in advance and give us the exact size in millimeters, such as 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.3mm, 2.5mm or even 3mm for stringing leather cords or ribbons.

pearl beads sizes from 1mm to 18mm custom drilled pearls holes sizes

Because of inventory changes due to bulk orders placed by our wholesalers, quantities may be limited to stock in hand at the time when you place your order. However, if you are able to wait for a maximum of 2 weeks, we can have any quantity in any color of pearls you need. Check our loose strands for more selections or see what our customers say good things about us from our competitors.

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