Un-Drilled Huge White Pink Mauve Baroque Pearls 18x30mm High Quality




These are huge un-drilled baroque individual pearls with high luster. They have a dimension of approximately 18mm on one side (from its shortest dimension)to 30mm on another side (from its longest dimension).

Pearls at this huge size are particularly hard to come by already, not to mention high quality with high luster and lovely shaped ones like these, which makes these pearls an incredible bargain, as jewelry designers usually use them to with their high end gold settings for a pendant or a ring to sell for hundreds or thousands of dollars. They are undrilled so that you can drill them in any way that works with the setting you need.

If you do not need such high quality pearls, you can also buy these large sized baroque pearls on a strand. You will get more pearls on a strand although they have been fully drilled already.

Only natural colored pearls are available for this item. They are in white, pink and mauve colors.

Limited inventory. We will not be able to back order these if you need to order large quantities for these pearls.

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