Edison Golden Colored Round Pearls All Sizes from 10-15mm UnDrilled High Quality


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If you love the golden color of South Sea Pearls, but not the price, then here is the perfect alternative!  These cultured freshwater pearls are comparable in look, but cost around 80% less.

Our Edison pearls are cultured with the newest scientific and technological sophistication.  Mussels are selected and tiny beads are inserted through a special method to farm the round shaped pearls that are dense, highly lustrous, and with minimal surface blemishes.

As you can see from the picture these are very round shaped pearls and unique with hardly any blemishes which makes them quite rare, mainly because pearls are just like people who are made of nature, the older we get, the more likely we have more imperfections. When it comes to pearls, it is the same because bigger sized pearls will have to stay under water for much longer than smaller sized pearls, which makes them more subject to environmental damage, therefore, physical imperfection.

Golden colored Edison pearls are truly enchanting at an incredible value and unbelievable price comparing with the same look and feel of the South Sea pearls. They are perfect to be used for making your high end pearl ring or pendant as a center piece.

Various sized pearls are available for these pearls. Please see drop down menu for detailed size and choose your preferences. Limited quantities in stock.  No back orders are available for these pearls.

These pearls are all undrilled.  If you need the pearl to be half or fully drilled, we can custom drill it for you for free. Just leave your request in the comment field.

Note:  Custom drilled products are non-returnable.

Quite a few sized pearls are sold out already. Click here to check out more edison pearls and jewelry in stock.

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