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Corporate Business Gifts – Pearls or pearl jewelry Pearls in Any Color, Any Shape, Any Size

Looking for a unique gift for your clients or for promotional purposes? Why not try a gift made from genuine pearls? We can make them in any shape that you need. If you need it in a hurry, check out our pearl gift section. You will be able to find a present for almost anyone for under $20. It will fit perfectly either on a desk or a toolbox.

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Pearls as gifts for your employees, your seminar attendees, or your patrons

Use our pearl jewelry as giveaways for business promotional items or for special clientele. We can provide you with the lowest wholesale freshwater pearls with the highest quality that you can not get anywhere else.

How to use Jewelry for your business promotional items and give-away gifts?

pearl earrings
pearl bracelet

Media companies have given our pearl necklaces away to their new customers as newspaper subscription gifts.

Teachers and seminar organizers used our pearls as their gifts to their students and meeting attendees.

Even restaurants used our pearl oysters for their grand opening ceremonies.

Cosmetic companies have used our pearl bracelets to go with their own products.

Read real examples on how to use pearl jewelry to promote your business.

Got a business? Have an anniversary to celebrate?

We culture and get pearls directly from our own pearl farms in China and have your pearl jewelry made by our own skilled workers with competitive labor cost in your favor, so you can use them for your give-away promotional items or as gifts.

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In addition, never will your promotional pearl gifts be categorized in the tacky cliché category of ordinary mugs or pens, but garner you more faithful customers. They can be custom made for you, but they might cost you even less with much higher perceived value.

Pearls come in a bewildering variety of shapes. Include keshi pearls, round pearls, baroque pearls, button pearls, coin pearls, rice pearls, button pearls, peanut pearls, potato pearls, stick pearls, cross pearls etc…

These beauties will definitely meet all your daily jewelry making need. We carry pearls in all sizes, from 1mm seed pearls all the way to huge sizes like 12mm. Tiny pearls are usually used for children`s or vintage jewelry, while larger sized pearls are of high great value.

The bigger the pearl, the longer it has been submerged in water to be formed into perfection! Pearls come in a variety of colors, whether the pearls have been crested by nature or processed by humans for jewelry designing purpose.

Natural pearls are generally available for purchase. Vibrant to popular man-made colors like champagne pearls, brown pearls, chocolate pearls are also usually in stock.

Your pearls are carefully examined and ranked from AA to AAAA based on the luster of the pearl, the shape, surface, and etc. Pearls of high grade will be eternally treasured. According to your budget one may choose from the grade of the pearls, but no matter what, you will receive the top notch of whatever grade you choose.

baroque pearl strand

Baroque Pearls

Round Pearls

rice pearl strand

Rice Pearls

peanut strand

Peanut Pearls

button strand

Button Pearls

coin pearl strand

Coin Pearls

keshi strand

Keshi Pearls

southsea shell pearl strand

Shell Pearls

tigers eyes

Tigers eyes

turquoise beads

Turquoise beads

jade beads

Jade Beads

agate beads

Agate Beads

Have any particular pearl jewelry gift ideas that you would like to use for a couple hundred or even thousands for your special promotion items or give-away gifts?

No problem! We have had several requests for our products as promotional items!

Just send us a picture along with your specification, such as pearl shapes, colors, length, size etc.., as well as the material style for your jewelry, and we will customize them for you.

Our 925 sterling silver jewelry can only be called the best! All our silver products(sterling silver set, sterling silver earrings, sterling silver bracelet sterling silver chains) are 14k gold plated, there , therefore tarnish free and keeping a long time flare. Buying your sterling silver jewelry here, you pay for no middleman`s cost.

Throughout centuries of civilization to corruption, 14k or 18k solid gold has always been perceived to symbolize wealth and high status. It will surely give you the money of your dreams! People paid mountains of money to buy gold jewelry to show off! Too bad they didn’t know of our low prices then..

Base metal is the most affordable ore used with your jewelry. The difference between the base metal we use for your jewelry versus other stores is that our base metals are all plated with 18k gold to be kept tarnish free so you put your money to full use and can wear your pearl jewelry again and again.

Has the falling economy tightened your purse strings and kept you from simple treats and splurges? Do you eye your co-workers with envy who still shop acting as if equipped with a bottomless bank account? Pay a fraction of the cost to add the sparkle to any of your jewelry by having it plated gold!

Customize any item in any metal you want.

We will make it, send a sample first, and then we will have the products, within the time you specify, delivered right to your front door.

Guaranteed to be at the lowest wholesale price direct from China

One would think that pearl jewelry and pearl-based gifts might be expensive. If you have to get them from a regular wholesale supplier, you will still have to pay a lot of money. But not when you buy from Oriental Pearls.

A perfect business opportunity for you

If you want to stay at home and make more money,

    • If you just want to build a profitable part-time business and have limited capital,
    • If you want to have a huge profit margin built-in as soon as you get the products that you want to sell,
    • If you are thinking about starting a small business online or even opening a store,

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You should consider to use our service first. Why? Because

    • we are an USA based incorporated company which goes by the US laws. As a member of Better Business Bureau, we have received no complaints for all the years we have been in business.
    • we have extensive lines of wholesale products and wholesale merchandise for you to consider, all direct from China, for much lower prices than you can ever find from your regular suppliers here in the U.S.
    • You do not have to order huge quantities as with regular U.S. wholesalers in order to get the best prices, thus your start up cost and inventory will be greatly reduced to ensure your initial success.

If you have a resale license and would like to set up a wholesale account with us. Please click here.

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