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Pearls Beads strands & Individual pearls
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What kind of loose pearls & pearl strands we have in stock?

From natural Japanese akoya, to Tahitian, south sea to all kinds of freshwater pearls, we also have Southsea shell, mother of pearl, in all shapes and colors for immediate delivery. Or you may order any quantities you need if the quantity is huge. Just need extra couple weeks. Check out our Pearl Strands section for all shapes of pearl beads temporary strung. Or Single Pearl for any shaped individual pearl you need.

rice pearls

Freshwater Pearls

southsea shell pearls

Majorica pearls

loose tahitian pearls

Tahitian Pearls

Pearl jewelry made of loose pearls strands

Pearl sizes range from small pearls about 1mm to larger sizes that are almost 35mm.

pearl jewelry set
pearl bracelet
unique earrings

loose round pearls

Round Pearls are referring to pearls that are in round shape instead of off round as potato pearls. We provide round pearls on temporary strands from 1mm to 9mm in white, pink, mauve and black 4 colors. If you are looking for a classical round pearl necklace, please check out “Classical Necklace” department. Buy loose round pearl strands

loose button pearls

Button pearls are rondell or wheel shape which are usually drilled through the center, just like a tire with an axle. Often these pearls will have one edge that is flatter than the other. We carry these button or flat pearls in all sizes, from 1mm seed pearls all the way to 10mm huge sizes in White, Mauve, Pink and Black 4 Colors. Buy loose button pearl strands

Pearl Jewelry Made of Real Pearls

Jackie O 3-row Necklace
button pearl jewelry set
potato pearl bracelet

loose pearls

With its off-round shape, these semi-round pearls are also called potato pearls because they have plump oval shapes that are drilled from its short side. These off-round shaped potato pearls are used widely for jewelry design and jewelry making for their close to round shaped pearls with much lower prices. We have these pearls strung on temporary strands from 3mm with 30+ colors. Buy potato pearl strands

loose pearls

Coin pearls are originatly named after a coin because it looks like a dime or a nickel. Nowadays, coin pearls come in various ways. We carry coin pearls in square, round or rectangular shapes, from white, Pink, black to peacock etc. various colors, from center drilled to side drilled. Buy loose coin pearl strands

loose pearls

Nugget pearls” also called “baroque pearls”, are free formed pearls with various organic shapes that are irregular. They are great to create an artistic look. Because they are not artificially round, the nacre pools in certain areas while loosens in other areas. Buy Baroque pearl strands

loose drop pearls

Rice pearls are oval or rice shaped pearls drilled lengthwise. Some might also call them drop shaped pearls. We carry the largest selections of rice pearls at all grades and colors, with sizes from 1mm all the way to 11mm in White, Pink, Lavender, Black along with 20 and more colors. Buy loose rice pearl strands.

loose pearls

Type “Keshi” in the keyword search box to find your favoriate keshi pearls jewelry or custom order your own. In Japanese, Keshi means “poppy seed”. It was used to describe small seed-sized pearls found as by-products of the pearl culturing process. If debris enters an oyster while it`s open during the harvesting process. Buy loose keshi pearl strands

Loose Gem Stones

coral beads

All Natural Coral – once part of a reef of tentackled skeletal creatures, from 2.5mm to 4mm, 6mm, and 8mm to 10mm, from white, light pink to warm pink to deep red textures. We only carry well matched for the fewest surface imperfections. At a fraction of the ratil cost. They are all hand cut and retains the texture of its natural formations. Buy loose coral strands

jade beads

Real Jade Beads on Temporary Strands from 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, all the way to 16mm. In Round or Oval Shapes, with light green, green or yellow colors. Would like to have a jade necklace or a jade bracelet made? So just send an email to us and let us know the length and the clasp you would like, we will make them for you certainly. Buy loose jade strands

customized bracelet
baroque necklace
tin-cup necklace
customized earrings
coral bracelet
jade earrings
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