Keshi Pearl Strands

Keshi Pearls – Single, Loose Strands or Pearl Jewelry

from 4mm small to Huge 30mm @ Wholesale Cost
Direct from Our Own Pearl Farms

loose keshi pearls Keshi pearls also called cornflake pearls, snowflake or petal pearls sometimes, are unusual and hard to get. Keshi pearl strands are natural free shaped flat and somewhat chunky pearls. Below are samples of our loose Keshi single pearl or pearl strands from small 5mm to as huge as 30mm at wholesale prices, and be un-drilled, half-drilled or drilled in various ways, such as top drilled, center drilled or side drilled. Or any way you would like us to custom drill for you.

Keshi Pearl Strands

Keshi Pearl Strands

Keshi Pearls from 4mm to 20mm+

Keshi Pearl Necklace

Keshi Pearl Necklace

Keshi & Peanut Pearls 925ss

Square Keshi Pearls

Square Shaped 25x30mm Large and Rare Keshi Pearls

Large & Rare Square Keshi Pearls

Colored Keshi Pearls

Blue Colored Nice Quality Keshi Pearls

Blue Colored Quality Keshi Pearls

grey keshi pearls But not when you buy Keshi pearls directly from our own pearl farms. Type “Keshi” in search, or check out our high-quality Keshi pearls on loose temporary strands in all colors and sizes here, you will get high quality all sized Keshi pearls or Keshi pearl jewelry at the lowest wholesale prices. How can we guarantee that?

keshi pearls

We can custom make your Keshi pearl necklace or bracelet jewelry. Also, if you would like to have Keshi pearls in other colors, sizes, and shapes, please email us. You can also custom order them in any color, (50 strands minimum for a purpose of the correct color) directly from our pearl farms, and drill them to any sized holes.

Create Unique Pearl Jewelry Made of Keshi Pearl Strands by yourself

Get pearl clasps at low wholesale cost without any additional shipping cost

pearl clasp & findings

A wide range of pearl clasps are available for you to choose for making your own pearl necklaces. They are either in 14k gold or 925 sterling silver. Buy the pearl clasps on line here

keshi pearls

If you like any one of the following strands and would to have a keshi pearl necklace, a keshi pearl bracelet, or a pair of keshi pearl earrings in ANY COLOR that is any one of the keshi pearls with any cleasps we have, all you need to do is to email us with a picture or a link, we can have it custom made for you. See what our customers say good things about us from our competitors.

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