Multi strand pearl necklace

Multi Strand Pearl Necklaces in Any Color, Any Size

Have Multi Row Pearl Necklace Made-to-Your-Order

As a global pearls wholesaler and pearl jewelry provider, we have not only classical pearl necklaces, but also guaranteed unique pearl necklaces in 2 rows, 3 rows, 4 rows, 5 rows, 6 rows or any number of strands.

3-row pearl necklace

Celebrities wearing multi-row pearl necklaces

Jackie O`s famous 3 strands pearl necklace is made of 3 rows of 7-8mm sized real pearls at 16″, 17″ and 18″ long. You can also customize the color of the pearls and the length of necklace.

Princess Diana`s Striking Pearl Collar is made of 4 rows of pearl choker with over 400+ real pearlst on it.

Per our customers` requests, we are also carrying south sea shell pearls now. With their large sizes, perfect shapes, high luster with heavy weight so much similar to south sea pearls, you can get the same look as Michelle Obama or others who spent hundreds and thousands dollars.

Seed and Tiny 1-2mm Rice Pearl Choker in 925 Sterling Silver, 21 Rows

Oriental Pearls has among the most unique collection of pearls that is sure to satisfy all. Make your pearl jewelry in any design as you want at a low wholesale price and high quality.

Choose any colored pearls, from white, pink, mauve, brown to black, or red, green or whatever you like, from round pearls to rice pearls, baroque pearls, keshi pearls or coin pearls, from 4mm small pearls to 13mm large pearls, at any length you specify!

Multi Strand Pearl Necklace in Any Design

We can finish your pearl necklace with any kind of clasps that you would like. So you can always get the jewelry that is made exclusively for your needs.

After you decide on the types of pearls you like, then all you need to do is to find the kind of pearl clasp that you want it to going with your necklace. And then just email us with your required length, size etc.. We will take care of the rest.

Be it a double strand, triple strand, or 4 rows, 5 rows or 6 rows or 8 rows, be it finished with a 925 sterling silver clasp or a 14k sold white or yellow gold clasp, we can make them all for you.

classical strands

Not only that, you also get to choose if you would like to have your necklace be finished with a silver clasp or a 14k gold clasp. All you need to do is email us your specifications, you will get it customized for free with a 6 month free warranty.

Can not wait for 2 weeks to get your exclusive necklace custom made? Find out what kind of multi-strand pearl necklaces we have in stock for immediate delivery!

Oriental Pearls has among the most unique collection of pearls that is sure to satisfy all. Make your pearl jewelry in any design as you want. we have exactly what you need at a wholesale price and high quality.

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