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925 Sterling Silver Jewelry Directly from Silver Manufacturer and $ave!

Direct from our factory overseas, we have 925 sterling silver jewelry at the lowest wholesale price imaginable. You will not find quality items at these prices anywhere else.

As well as pearls and pearl jewelry when you buy from us we also have a huge selection of silver earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, chains, and just about everything else in silver with your choice of Cubic Zirconia, mother of pearl, or our cheap yet beautiful reconstituted turquoise or jade. So if you have a business that sells silver jewelry, sign up with our wholesale program today and see how much you can save when you buy in large quantities from us.

Silver Jewelry We Made for Our Wholesale Customers

drop shaped silver pendant

Comparable Price: $23.99
Wholesale Price: $4.19

silver pendant

Comparable Price: $23.99
Wholesale Price: $3.99

silver pendant

Comparable Price: $19.99
Wholesale Price: $3.59

drop shaped silver earrings

Comparable Price: $19.99
Wholesale Price: $4.50

That’s right, our silver jewelry manufacturer can make any type of unique design that you would like. We have all sorts of business clients with us, many who use our factory`s capabilities to produce their hot branded items as well as custom certificates of authenticity and gift packaging with their company name and logo.

Any Designed Silver Jewelry You Need, we will have them Customized for you! That is a Promise

process pearl colorSend us a sample of silver jewelry first to: 8400 N Magnolia Ave, STE K Santee, CA 92071, USA. The minimal order is 100 pieces for each design.

round pearl strandWe will quote the price for the items you need(it usually depends on the product’s weight)

round pearl strandAllow us about 7-10working days to finish the order and we will ship by express.

Pure silver, also called Fine Silver, is relatively soft, very malleable, and easily damaged, so it is commonly combined with other metals to produce a more durable product. The most popular of these alloys is sterling silver, which consists of 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent copper.

Jade Silver Jewelry: What better way to add a feeling of exoticness to jewelry than Jade? Our silver jade jewelry is made of a mix of Nephrite and Jadeite dust pressurized back into a wide variety of shapes with just a little dye added into the mix to bring out the color more. They will go great with just about any attire, asual or professional.

Turquoise Silver Jewelry: Add a touch of earthiness to your look with our reconstituted turquoise. Made of ground up turquoise dust that is pressurized back into beads with a little dye added to bring out the color and then stabilized to ensure that lovely look will last a lifetime.

Mother of Pearl Silver Jewelry: Add the elegance of pearls to the brilliant white shine of silver with our Mother of Pearl pendants set in 925 sterling silver. Re-connect your look with the mother of pearl/silver pendant or some earrings with mother of pearl beads.

CZ Diamonds Silver Jewelry: Want to have that beautiful diamond sparkle without having to give up three month`s salary per item? Try our lovely collection of Cubic Zirconia set in silver. You`ll get all the beauty at a price that can`t be beaten.

925 Sterling Silver Findings: Want to make your own pearl jewelry? We have a massive selection of earring backings, clasps, settings and findings all made from 925 sterling silver. We have clasps ranging from one to five-row and settings for just about everything you can imagine. From lobster claws to tube clasps, pendant settings to ring settings…

Sterling Silver Jewelry – a Perfect Gift for Anybody

A gift of silver is a touching expression of affection, love and friendship. It`s a great way to to give someone something beautiful that will last a lifetime as long as you spend some time here and there keeping it up, just like a good relationship.

Always be sure to look for the stamp on the underside/inside of your silver items when judging their quality. All of our silver comes with a stamp of authenticity from our factory that guarantees its made of solid 925 sterling silver. Our manufacturer can be your one stop shop for all of your silver jewelry needs. As if that weren`t enough, almost all of our silver jewelry has seven or more layers of eighteen karat white gold plating to ensure a strong tarnish-free so that you won`t have to worry about that polishing. Heard enough? Sign up for our wholesale program now and take advantage of these amazing deals on all kinds of silver jewelry.

Need some samples? You can order direct from us at retail price in small quantities first to be sure what you`re getting is the real deal. Once we`ve made a believer out of you, head over to our wholesale department and sign up today.

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