Pearls History

History of Pearls and Pearl Jewelry

Freshwater Pearl Jewelry Story

The beauty and magic of pearls have been an object of desire as well as fashion symbols since people harvested them in ancient times. Viewed as magic charms, symbols of purity and love, and sources of wisdom and power, pearls are one of the oldest known gems and have been revered by countless civilizations for thousands of years.

Pearls were worn in the ancient Middle East and Asian societies as early as 3500 BC., and continued to grow in popularity. Ancient civilizations in India and China mention the love of pearls. India`s Hindu god Krishna was credited with discovering pearls when he took one from the sea and presented it to his daughter Pandaïa on her wedding day. China`s long recorded history discussed the value of pearls thousands of years ago. In the Shu King, written in 2300 B.C.E., a gift of pearls was described.

Medieval knights wore them for protection in battle and the Greeks valued the pearl for its association with love and marriage.

Ancient Romans saw pearls as the ultimate symbol of power and wealth. A pearl earring was reportedly paid for one Roman general`s political campaign and wealthy Roman women were richly covered in pearls. They upholstered sofas with pearls and sewed them into their gowns. Pearls found a place in the hearts of ancient royalty and Cleopatra once dissolved a very valuable pearl in wine and drank it to prove her love to Marc Antony.

In Egypt, the mother-of-pearl was used for decorative purposes as far back as 4000 B.C.E. The use of pearls spread from Egypt to Persia, perhaps as late as 525 B.C.E. according to historians, when Persia conquered Egypt. Pearls are also mentioned in both the Bible and the Koran.

Since that time the pearl has always been viewed as a symbol of wealth and social status. It has been revered for its alleged mystical powers, uniqueness, and its rare natural beauty.

The pearl has made its mark in history and continues to be the cornerstone of classic style, culture, and refinement. Today, the elegance of fine pearls is a fashion statement in the work place as well as a night on the town. Fashionable, luxurious and adaptable, pearls, not diamonds, are truly a woman`s best friend!

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