Pearls Medicine

How to Use Freshwater Pearls

In Asia pearls have long been revered for medicinal purposes. Over the course of history pearls have been used by various ancient practitioners of medicine to treat things such as visual problems, heart disease, sleep disorders, melanoma and even depression.

In China, even today, traditional eastern medicine often calls for the use of pearl powder, typically made by grinding up low grade freshwater pearls. It`s still widely believed that pearls have properties that are anti-aging, assist in fighting cancer, and that they may even be able to assist with treating thyroid disease and chronic pharyngitis.

Today pearl powder is still widely used not just as a medicinal product but also as an additive in many expensive beauty products as well. Many people use pearl powder based products every morning and night in the belief it will keep their skin smooth, and preserve a youthful appearance. It`s also said that wearing pearls promotes improved health with one`s skin, assisting in preventing blotching or wrinkle formation around the area the pearls are worn.

If you are looking for low graded pearls to grind and to make alternative healing products or medicines, we have them available and the price is $69.99 per pound.

NOTE: The above statements do not constitute professional medical advice in any capacity. The ability of pearls to actually assist or prevent any of the above conditions or ailments is as of yet unproven scientifically. If you believe you`re experiencing any of the above conditions please consult a licensed physician about the best course of action.

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