Pearls Value

In the Orient, pearls are renowned for medicinal purposes.

They have been used to treat visual problems, blood and heart disease,and depression. Pearls consist of crystalline calcium carbonate, including 28 different minerals, such as selenium and germanium, among other compounds. These minerals are widely regarded as composing or containing anti-cancer and anti-aging substances, and have noticeable healing effect in treating thyroidsm and chronic pharyngitis.

In China, even in modern times, pearl powder, which is ground from freshwater pearls, is sold as an expensive health and beautifying product. People who use pearl powder are individuals who suffer from sleep disorders and those with melanoma or chasmy skin diseases. Many people take pearl powder every morning and night to keep their skin smooth and preserve a youthful appearance.

Wearing of pearls around one`s neck supposedly promotes absorption by the skin, which will nourish it, thus protecting it from wrinkles, and reducing skin blotching.

NOTE: These statements have not been approved by the FDA and are not intended to cure or treat any disease; they are only to be used for general information regarding the use of pearls in medicine. Please contact your physician for medical attention as we cannot give medical advice.

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