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FREE Shipping for ALL USA Orders Over $35


All USA orders over $100 are Automatically
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Oriental Pearls Store Information

Our US office is located in the State of California in the city of Santee, East County of San Diego. Both airmail and priority orders will be shipped within 48 hours although priority orders take higher priority. Express orders with same billing and shipping addresses& placed before 2pm Eastern time, it will be shipped out on the same day. Except customized orders or orders that have backorders. Special customized orders can take 2-3 weeks to finish depending on your specific requirements.


We accept all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover as well as Paypal as payment methods.

Please note that any credit card payments made with our company should show as being from Oriental Pearls. Your credit card will be charged in full for an order after it`s placed. The sole exception for this are orders valued at $500.00 or more, or orders which our software determines are a high risk for fraud. So in the event you`d like to have us wait to charge your card only prior to shipping please call us in advance to make arrangements.

Our web site is tested and protected at all times and we routinely verify any suspicious transaction that our security setup flags, andwe REPORT any fraudulent activity that attempts to happen within our store, no exceptions. We want to be absolutely sure that all of our customers` financial information remains confidential.

We reserve the right to require additional verification on any large orders or orders with a high risk of fraud, including but not limited to requiring only specific securable methods of payment be used or asking for a valid copy of a state/national ID corresponding to the name of the person who`s being billed for the order.

Shipping and Handling

Sending Gift to A Different Address:

If your shipping address is different from your billing address it may delay your order slightly for verification. Whenever someone ships to a different country or very distant address we`re required to verify with the card holder via phone or email that this is the correct shipping address. So please, when placing any order always put down full contact information in the appropriate fields in case we need to reach you. Your order will be in stasis until we manage to verify the shipping address. We reserve the right to hold or cancel any and all orders where we cannot verify the consent of the cardholder within one week`s time from the date of the order being placed. To make this process easier you can put in the comment field when you are checking out exactly why the addresses are different so we won`t have to contact you ourselves.

We ship worldwide to almost every country on the planet. However, due to the growing use of fraudulently obtained credit card numbers in several countries we will also be required to verify billing/shipping addresses as well as card ownership before we are able to process any orders with a billing or shipping address in any of those countries. If you are placing an order from or to a country such as Indonesia, Romania, Russia, Nepal, Turkmenistan, The Philippines, along with several other African and European countries we will be required to contact you and verify all of the above before we can process your order and we will only accept payment for orders from those countries from a verified Paypal account.

Due to increased issues in international package handling, orders sent to certain countries may come with a mandatory requirement of signature confirmation and of a shipping method enabling that.

Shipping Dates:

When we ship your package depends heavily on what method of shipping you choose. Most priority mail orders will be shipped within two to three business days after receiving them. All Express mail orders will be processed within one to two business days of receiving them. Airmail however can take at least three to five business days. Please understand though that we only guarantee processing time on our express orders; Your order may take longer to process during hectic holiday periods or other times of high volumes of sales. As well, all orders sent to countries other than the USA may be subject to further processing delays due to the additional time it takes to properly prepare a shipment for international customs clearance as well as the fact it must be sent from our overseas manufacturing office and not from our Santee, California headquarters.

Estimated Delivery Time:

We calculate delivery time for your order based on the date we ship your package. Any estimated delivery date does not include the time it takes to process your order. These dates are calculated based on the average time an order placed on that shipping method will take to arrive at its destination. Sometimes it`s faster, sometimes slightly longer, but usually its within the given range.

Please note that C.D. Plus Inc itself does not provide any guarantees on delivery of merchandise. We can only guarantee delivery in accordance with the delivery policies of the United States Post Office, or when applicable, any other courier used. In the event your package does not arrive within the given delivery ETA we will submit a claim for reimbursement to the respective courier regarding the shipping fees for your order. In the event we are successful we will refund your flat-rate shipping fees. At this time this is the only form of reimbursement we can provide if your package does not arrive on time and it can only be provided under these circumstances.

For all international orders also please also take into consideration that customs clearance can occasionally delay your order beyond any ETA we give. This is why we cannot guarantee delivery times on any order unless the method of shipping you choose comes with a guarantee from the shipping company. As of present the only methods of shipping that come with any guarantee on delivery dates are Domestic and Global Express mail.

Rush Processing:

If for any reason you need guaranteed rush processing we can expedite your order either the very same business day (for orders placed and called in before 12:00 P.M. Pacific Standard time) or the very next business day for any orders placed after that time. Please call our offices at 1-619-405-3938 to add rush processing to your order. All orders placed with our express mail option are automatically Rush Processed.

Shipping Policy:

A domestic order is any order with a shipping address in the United States, including APOs, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, the Marshall Islands, Palau, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Guam. Some restrictions may apply. Almost all orders are shipped from our office in Santee, our San Diego, California headquarter office, unless it is an international rush or a wholesale order in large quantity, it will shipped from our manufacturing unit directly from our offices in Shanghai.

Find out shipping and payment information on:

Shipping Within U.S.,

International Shipping information or Shipping via other couriers

Processing Time for Special Orders

Stocking Policy

Our Backorder Policy

Limitations of Insurance Coverage

Domestic Shipping.:

We offer an almost flat rate option for all orders. It won`t matter how much of what you buy we can ship it to you for the same price, with a few exceptions.

Shipping Method
USA Package
First Class Air Mail for orders over $35
First Class Air Mail for orders under $35
Priority Mail with Insurance
Priority Mail, with Insurance for orders weighing Over 2 Pounds
Domestic Express Mail

1.US First Class Airmail, without insurance and tracking: $0 Shipping for orders over $50, and $4.99 Shipping for orders under $50 – Limited Time.

Airmail offers no insurance or tracking, we can only provide you with proof of shipping and cannot therefore take responsibility for any lost or damaged orders. This shipping method is limited to orders weighing in at less than 13 ounces and only recommended to those whose orders have little to no time constraints. Once shipped, airmail can take seven to fourteen days to arrive at its destination; the actual eta may be shorter or longer however depending on the speed of the post offices between us and you. Airmail orders are also processed last in our queue, after priority and express. This means that during holidays your order may take longer than expected due to the fact that is a promotional low rate offer where a lot of people will use it. Please note however that this does not include Rush Processing we give to all express orders. If you wish to add rush processing you will need to call our offices and request it specifically.

2. USPS Priority Mail Service, $6.97 for regular orders, $10.45 for large orders over 2lbs Priority mail is the most recommended option to those without severe time constraints. We insure all packages sent priority and also provide every customer with a tracking number for their package. For smaller orders under 2lbs the price is $6.97. But for larger orders the cost is $10.45 to accommodate for the fact that larger orders need extra insurance. Priority mail orders almost always take 2-3 days to arrive once shipped (typically no more than two days.) We typically process priority orders within two to three business days of when they are received, however we can not guarantee delivery time on priority orders; especially during a holiday rush, there is a risk your order may take longer to process by the shipper, not us.

3. USPS Express Mail (1-2 days): $24.97

Did you need your order yesterday? We can do it express. All express orders are rush processed and guaranteed to be sent out within one to two business days. If you need your order to be shipped out the same day and you`ve placed your order before 12:00 P.M. Please give our office a call and we`ll rush it out for you. All orders are sent via USPS express overnight mail and will arrive within 1-2 days no matter where you live. Our express orders always take top priority. Please note however that if you require delivery on a holiday or Sunday we can send your order via USPS special Sunday/Holiday Express for $34.97 but this must be explicitly requested and will not be done under any other circumstances. Please note that to orders shipped within the USA, we ONLY ship orders using the United States Post Office when we provide flat-rate shipping. If your residence does not receive postal mail then please be sure to supply a valid P.O. box or deliverable address. To find out if your address is deliverable or not click here.

International Shipping and Payment:


Shipping Method

International Package

First Class Airmail


Air Parcel


Global Express


We also offer several flat rate options for internationally shipped orders.


1. World Wide First Class Airmail: $9.97

Depending on your country`s location in relation to our manufacturing office, customs clearing time, and the speed of your local post office this usually takes ten to twenty days to arrive.


2.  Air Parcel: $19.97.

This is the most secure way to ship internationally without breaking the bank for global express. All orders are fully insured, with an estimated average delivery time of seven to twelve days. This again will depend on customs clearance and the relative location of your country to our manufacturing office. If you wish to add rush processing you will need to call our offices and request it specifically.


3. Global Express: $29.95.

The fastest way to send packages internationally for a flat rate. Orders are sent via the best express courier we can find to that specific location. This is the only method of international shipping that comes with a tracking number as well, so if you need to have one this is your best option.


Shipping via Other Couriers

All domestic orders are placed via the USPS, and all international orders are placed via whatever is determined to be the reasonably fastest and most economical courier to your country based on the flat shipping fee you paid us. However if you need your orders sent via UPS, Fedex, DHL or any other express courier and/or sent via a specific express method we also offer this as an option to all of our customers. However if you do need to request a specific courier then you will need to cover the actual complete cost of shipping, as part of why our flat rate shipping prices are so low is that we are able to find fast but economical shipping for all of our orders if we ship via our preferred couriers and methods. Free or flat rate shipping of any kind cannot be preformed for any order if we cannot select the courier and shipping method/options ourselves.


Processing time for special orders

If you place a special order with us that requires certain custom elements such as custom colored pearls, custom assembly, or a full on custom design your order can take up to an additional month to process. Custom pearl coloration is typically completed within two weeks on average but can take longer, any custom pearl coloration is done with no additional cost to you. Custom assembled items from things we have in stock, such as switching a post earring backing from its original silver to 14K gold, will take an additional week to process, and any fully customized designs requiring we make a mold will take an additional month to process in any quantity. Special drilling in which we have to enlarge the holes on a strand of pearls can take between 2-4 weeks extra with a extra cost depending on the strand.


Stocking Policy

We maintain two separate stocks of items, one at our California headquarters as well as our Shanghai, China offices. Because we are constantly shipping orders from each of these offices there are often delays on updating the status of an item. Therefore we cannot guarantee the availability of any item out of any office. If for some reason an item is out of stock you will be notified of this either via phone, email, or by clearly marking any backordered or missing items on the invoice sent with your order. As well, certain items are only available at our Shanghai office such as many expensive items and therefore may be subject to additional restrictions or delays. If for any reason we need to receive a shipment of stock from our Shanghai office to either send out your backorder or in the case of a special order that must be assembled then additional delays may apply to your order beyond the original processing times. Because this requires the transit of a large international shipment of items we cannot guarantee processing times on any orders, backorders, or items that are not readily available in stock at whichever office is performing the final shipment to the customer. We also cannot guarantee the availability of any of our clearance items in the steals and deals section because of the limited quantity of these items.


Shipping options:

By default all orders sent via USPS priority mail will come only with delivery confirmation if the value of your order is under $75.00. For all orders valued at $75.00 or over sent via priority mail and all express mail orders signature confirmation will be required. All airmail orders, as they do not come with insurance, only have delivery confirmation unless they are over $75.00 then we add signature confirmation free of charge. If your order is under $75 but you`d like to add signature confirmation to your priority mail or airmail order this can be done as a special request but will cost an additional $3.00 and must be explicitly requested in advance prior to shipping. We also understand that not all customers may be at home to receive their package and may wish to waive signature confirmation on their order. We do offer this as an option but it must be explicitly requested in advance, prior to shipping. If you request to waive signature confirmation then you will also be waiving insurance with your order. This is because due to the high value of items sent we require the ability to verify for a fact whether or not your order was delivered with the USPS or any given express company. At times shipping companies may claim a package was delivered but it may not have been, or it may have been delivered but stolen, but the post office may become unable to obtain exact information on the status of delivery. In these cases we cannot get insurance back on your items but we still have to honor our word of covering any insured items that we cannot confirm as having been delivered. Signature confirmation allows us to know for a fact whether or not you safely got your package and allows us to claim insurance on any items that become lost in the process, and also prevents theft, as your package will only be handed directly to you.


Our Backorder Policy

If 50% or more of the items on your order are currently out of stock, or if you`ve chosen an express shipping option and any items are missing we’re required to make an attempt to confirm with you whether you want your order sent as-is or if you want to wait for all backorders to be filled first. All backorders $100 or under are shipped at no extra charge via first class airmail once we receive it from out company in China. If any backordered items weigh above thirteen ounces or are valued at over $100 total we will automatically upgrade shipping on any backorders to USPS priority mail. We cannot provide free upgrades to the shipping of backorders under any other circumstances. If your item does not meet this criteria and you need your backorder upgraded to USPS priority mail shipping we can upgrade your backorder shipping for an extra charge of $5.00. If for any reason you need a backorder sent to you via USPS express mail we can do that for an additional fee of $16.50. If for some reason you ordered a clearance item we no longer make or your backorder is taking longer than expected to be filled we may ask if you’d like to change additional items to replace the ones you’d ordered. You can change your backordered item to something else at anytime. Just let us know and we will make that change for you.


Limitations of Insurance Coverage

Any insurance given to orders via their shipping policies is intended to add another layer of protection for your package from when it leaves our hands and enters that of the post office or express courier and extended only until such a time as the confirmed delivery of the package. If for any reason an item we do not have listed as backordered does not ship with your order, and is reported during the same time frame as that for reporting damaged items then we will begin an investigation into the status of your items. If your package was determined to have been tampered with during shipping or that we forgot to include the item it will be re-sent to you right away. If the missing item is not reported during the necessary time frame or we cannot reliably determine that your package was either tampered with or that the post office or we were at fault for not including the item then we will be unable to send a new item or reimburse you for its cost. If your order was sent via a shipping method that does not include insurance however then we can only offer to re-send or reimburse you for items determined to have been mistakenly not sent by our office, as we cannot take responsibility for any packages that have been vandalized or tampered with during shipping if they are not covered by insurance. If your package has not been received within five business days after the upper limit on your ETA for the shipping method that you`ve chosen then an investigation can be launched by us on request and the related postal or express companies. An investigation will only be launched by us after such a time and if any information is required beforehand it is the customer`s responsibility to initiate it until such a time. If it can be determined that we or the post office were at fault then your order will be re-sent as soon as that is determined. If the postal or express company’s investigation turns up that they did successfully deliver the package or parcel to the correct address then your order will be ineligible for being covered by insurance if it cannot be found after that time. No order can be re-sent until an official conclusion is reported by the post office or express company in regards to any packages or parcels.


Payment Information

On line Payment:

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover card, as well as Paypal and Google Checkout as payment for online orders placed over the internet. We highly recommend paying online as this way we do not even see your credit card information and we guarantee the security of our website. As we`re dedicated to fighting credit card fraud we reserve the right to cancel any order if we believe for any reason it may be a fraudulent transaction. We always report any suspected credit card fraud immediately. So rest assured, placing your order online is the most secure way of doing business with us. Neither, Google, or Paypal would ever allow anyone to view your credit card information, not even us. We only would have access to your billing and shipping address as well as the relevant order information. All transactions from our website will be shown as from Oriental Pearls. After you add your items to the cart and come to the final payment page then you`ll have the option of choosing either one of the three payment methods: credit card, Paypal, or Google Checkout. Learn more about how to place an order. If you are still unsure about ordering online then operators are standing by in our live support chatroom to answer any questions you may have. You can also call us at (619) 405-3938 between the hours of 8:00 A.M. To 5:00 P.M. Pacific standard time.

Check or Money Order Payment (Please send an email first)

For our domestic customers we also accept domestically created money orders. Due to the long clearance times, currency conversion, as well as fees and other issues we are unable to accept money orders not originating from within the United States. Please send an email first before you send your check or money order payments to.

ATTN: Controller
C.D. Plus, Inc.
8400 N. Magnolia Ave, Suite K
Santee, CA 92071

All orders will only be processed and sent out upon clearance of final payment into our bank account. Due to the ever increasing level of Fraud and issues with check clearance we no longer accept Personal or Cashier`s checks as a valid method of payment. Please include a list of your desired item(s) specifying the exact item number, quantity as well as colors or any other item options, also your preferred method of shipping. We prefer that this list be typed on a typewriter or computer but if you must handwrite your item list then please ensure that your writing is printed out very plainly and legibly (no cursive writing please) especially for your shipping address and contact information.

At this time we also cannot accept money of any type sent in coins or bills directly through the mail as payment for any order, backorder, upgrade, exchange, or any other sort of business transaction. Cash will only be accepted as payment if you are visiting our offices in person. Absolutely no exceptions to this will be made under any circumstances whatsoever. Furthermore we cannot take responsibility if any cash is received and lost either in the mail to us or back in transit to its owner. We will refuse or immediately return any letters, envelopes, parcels, packages, or other containers sent to us containing cash and again we cannot be held liable for any amount of cash lost on its way back to you from our office.

Please understand however that if you place your order over the phone or via check/money order you will be ineligible for any sort of discount and unable to use any coupons we`ve issued. All discounts and coupons are only available for use when your order is placed over the internet. The sole exception for this is for special/custom orders that physically could not be placed and paid for in full via our website. Coupons and any other automatic discounts cannot be given to check/money order/phone orders under any other circumstances whatsoever.


Payment for Your Special Order:

If you have a special order you`d like to make with us for some customized items you have four options available to you. If it`s just a customization on an existing item you can place your order directly online. Simply specify in the comments field during checkout the customizations that you`d like and we`ll either respond back with a quote on any applicable extra charges and ask for final authorization. Or alternatively if we`ve already given you a quote you can write explicitly “I authorize the extra charge of $xx.xx” and then describe the customization you`re ordering after that. Alternatively we can make you a special customized Paypal or Google Checkout invoice and send it to you for your item; this can take a few days depending on when you request an invoice though. Or if you wanted to skip a step and already have a price, you can send payment for the item directly to our Paypal account at the email address: If you`re uncomfortable placing your order online you can also just call us up between the hours of 8:00 A.M. And 5:00 P.M. At 1-619-405-3938 and place your order with us over the phone. We highly recommend payment via Paypal for our international customers as there can occasionally be implications using other methods of payment over national boundaries.


Sales Tax:

Sales tax will only be calculated for all orders where either the billing or shipping address is located within the state of California. This is due to the fact that our corporate office is located just outside of San Diego, California. All other states and nations are tax exempt. If you are located within the state of California and have a current valid Reseller Permit ID and wish to waive sales tax then please include your reseller permit in the comments field during checkout. After verification we will include a check in your package to reimburse you for the sales tax that you paid on your order.

Have more questions? Please call or fax us at the following numbers:

Phone No: (619) 405-3938

Fax No: (866) 486-2591



Please understand that we are unable to guarantee shipping time on any international orders due to ever changing geopolitical situations which may cause customs to delay or refuse packages to certain countries. If there are any issues regarding customs please let us know immediately and we will do our best to work with customs get your package out to you as soon as reasonably possible.


Import Duties/Tariffs:

It is the customer`s sole responsibility to pay for any import taxes, duties, or tariffs that are levied on goods sent to their country. At this time we are unable to calculate what said duties would be in advance and are unfortunately unable to provide estimates to customers on what they may be paying. In the event that there are issues with duties or other issues with customs we will take reasonable effort to do what we can to get your order out to you as soon as reasonably possible. However we cannot be held liable in the event that foreign customs confiscates or destroys packages and in the event they do any shipping fees paid will still remain non-refundable.

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