Huge 14mm AA+ Quality Authentic ROUND Tahitian Black Pearl Half Drilled


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These are huge sized authentic high AA+ quality Round loose Tahitian pearls that are huge at 14mm – 14.3mm in sizes, in perfect round shape and beautiful luster. It does have a few tiny spots on mostly one side. So if you use it as a ring or a center piece as a pendant, you can see hardly see them from the front side.

These are the kind of rare pearls that are indeed made of nature. The same kind pearl that jewelers are selling for thousands of dollars after they put on a ring or a pendant setting. Not only because of the rare huge size, but also its very nice AA+ quality, which is quite rare for a genuine Tahitian pearl at this huge size.

The pearls are un-drilled. We can half-drill them for you so you do not have to take risk to drill it on your own, and it will be totally ready for you to set it.

We are offering such a low price for a round shaped Tahitian pearl at such nice quality and huge size as an experiment since we often get customer requests for this. Therefore, quantity is limited and we reserved the right of raising the price or canceling the order.

Only Tahitian black colored pearls are in stock, as the picture shows, which is the most sought-after color.

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