7-7.5mm Japanese Akoya HIGH AAA Quality 18″ Round Pearl Necklace 14KG




Direct from our family friend and partner in Japan, this classic, nice sized white round pearl necklace is not only stunning in amazing luster that only comes with Japanese Akoya, but also its high AAA quality with a very subtle ROSE PINK overtone that is a completely natural color and in TRULY round shape for you to choose from.

On top of their perfect round shapes, very smooth surface, and unmistakable luster that are only unique to Akoya pearls from Japan, this amazing strand of necklace is also made of high AAA quality with hardly any markings and no flaws at all, in either good 7-7.5mm, or large 8-8.5mm sized Japanese Akoya pearls, double knotted by Japanese silk thread at a length of 18″ long, (not 17″ in), finished with either a 14k white gold 8mm corrugated ball clasp or a Filigree styled 14k white or yellow gold clasp.

For 7-7.5mm AAA high quality pearl necklace at 18″ long, it is finished either with a 14k yellow gold (has a slight more pinkish overtone), or 14k white gold filigree clasp.

For 8-8.5mm AAA high quality pearl necklace at 18″ long, it is finished either with a 14k white gold filigree clasp (has a little more pinkish overtone) or a 14k white gold ball clasp.

All colors are natural and not treated at all which is why they are still basically in white color, as the difference with pinkish overtone is very subtle. But please do let us know if you have any preference on the overtone while you still can choose, as we have sold out all of our yellow gold finished clasps already.

We also have the matching white Akoya pearls earrings (also AAA quality) available to complete the set. Or a little lower graded (hardly notice except for a jeweler) Akoya pearl earrings starting less than $150. Just type “Akoya” in the search box to see them all.

With its thick nacre, beautiful luster, incredible color overtone and high quality, this pearl necklace will not only last a lifetime, but also a family treasure that can be passed down from generation to generation. With our complete satisfaction guarantee, you will be very happy you have bought it from here.

Limited quantities in stock at clearance prices, therefore no customization can be allowed as they were already made for a jeweler who was selling $1200 for 7-7.5mm and $1750 for 8-8.5mm pearl necklace well, but had to shut down his store due to Covid. That’s why the necklace is at a GENEROUS LONGER length of 18″ long, with extra pearls than normal length, made already. No more customization is available for these Akoya pearl necklaces. But you can type “Akoya” in the search boxes and find all others we have that can be customized to your specification.

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Filigree, Ball Clasp






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