Coin Pearl Strands

What are coin pearls?

Looking for a coin pearl necklace, a coin bracelet, loose coin pearls, coin pearl strands or a pair of coin pearl earrings? Type in “coin” in the search box, you will see them all. You will get any kind of coin pearls or coin pearl jewelry at the lowest wholesale prices, how can we guarantee that?

Pearl Jewelry Made of Coin Pearls

coin pearlsThe name of coin pearls is originated from round coin pearl because of its unique shape that assemble coins. However, in reality, Coin pearls can be round, oval, or teardrop, square coin pearls, oblongs or diamond shapes. They can even take the form of a cross, a heart or a flower, you can find them as keepsake pearls in individual pearls department or find coin pearls on loose strands here.

Heart Shaped Coin Pearls

Heart Shaped Coin Pearls

Rare Coin Pearls in 3 Colors

Teardrop Shaped Coin Pearls

Teardrop Shaped Coin Pearls

Teardrop 12X14mm Coin Pearl Strands

Diamond Coin Pearl Strand

Diamond Coin Pearl Strand

Length Drilled High Luster Pearls

Rectangula Coin Pearls

Rectangula Coin Pearls

8x18mm Length Drilled Coin Pearls

If you are the free-spirited type, the traditional pearl jewelry consisting of perfect spheres and teardrop drops may not appeal to you. Maybe you think pearls are too staid or boring, too prim and proper, too devoid of artistic flair.

You might be wrong! If you swore you would never wear pearls, you may have never seen coin pearl jewelry. Natural pearls in irregular shapes can be matched and arranged to suit almost any style preference or temperament!

Coin pearls often have rough bumps or nodules that lend a distinctive charm to jewelry, and these can be mixed and matched with polished stones or glass beads for a funky, retro style.

coin pearls

Coin pearl earrings can match any mood or whimsy. Large disks can swing to imitate hoops, or tiny flowers can be used for a younger girl as an inexpensive but quality first set of studs.

Coin pearl necklaces can be dramatic with graduating sizes leading down to a uniquely shaped specimen in the front center. A choker and matching set of bracelets made of dark colored square end drilled pearls can look chic for the teen crowd.

Create a piece of Unique, High-End Coin Pearl Jewelry by yourself

coin pearls

Coin pearls can be drilled through the center or from the side for a wide range of stringing possibilities. Sizes can be mixed and matched, or colors and shapes alternated for a striking visual effect.

customized coin pearl earringsFlower Pearl Earrings

3-row coin pearl necklaceCoin Pearl Silver necklace

baby pink coin pearl strand

If you make your own jewelry, we have the following coin pearls on loose temporary strands at approximately 15.5″ available:

Flower Shaped Coin Pearl Strands, Heart Shaped Coin Pearl Strands, Teardrop shaped coin pearl strands, Round coin pearl strands, Square coin pearls, round coin pearls center drilled, rectangular coin pearls and diamond shaped coin pearls.

You can purchase any one of these coin pearls on loose temporary strands here.

Get pearl clasps at low wholesale cost without any additional shipping cost

pearl claspsA wide range of pearl clasps is available for you to choose for making your own pearl necklaces. They are either in 14k gold or 925 sterling silver. Buy the pearl clasps on line here.

We also have craft glue and all kind of accessories for your jewelry making needs at the lowest wholesale cost.

pearl settings

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