Large Pearls

Looking for Large Pearls at Wholesale Cost?

Direct from Freshwater Pearl Farms. Any Shape. Any Color!

The look of bold and beautiful is a hot new trend right now. We have large and big pearls available in all shapes, from Single Large Pearl to Loose Big Pearls Strands for jewelry making to finished pearl jewelry. From Edison, Tahitian to freshwater round pearls, from 17-18mm Flatback Button Pearls, mabe pearls, to potato pearls to 14mm Rice or Oval Shaped Pearls to 35 mm Baroque Pearls or even larger. Just search them by “Single” or “Pearl Strand” or in the category you are looking for.

Square Keshi Pearls($59.99)

Square Shaped Large 22-23mm White Keshi Pearl Strands AA Quality

Large 22-23mm Pearls

Huge Coin Pearls($89.99)

Huge Sized 22-24mm Coin Pearls On Temporary Strands

22-24mm Coin Pearl Strands

Huge Baroque Pearls($129.99)

Huge 17mm-35mm Sized Baroque Pearl Strands Each One is One of Kind

Huge 17-35mm Baroque Pearls

We can also custom drill in any type of pearls we carry to your specified size such as 2mm or even 3mm holes.

Jewelry has its own place in the fashion world and is just as important as any article of clothing or accessory. It too has its trends where each year one of the many precious stones has its place in the fashion spotlight. But with pearls, no matter whether they are big or small, they always remain at the top of the fashion demands. Now the trend is to create impressive jewelry with big pearls, with us, the choices for large sized pearls are vast, all at low wholesale prices, directly from pearl farms.

Big Loose Temporary Pearl Strands or Large Single Individual Pearl

Big Pearls Are Perfect for Plus Size Jewelry

Loose Large Pearls($99.99 & up)

13-13.5mm Loose Round AAA Pearl

Huge 13-13.5mm Round AAA Pearl

14-16mm Baroque Pearls($34.97)

14-16mm Huge Sized White Colored Baroque Pearl Strand Drilled Larger Holes

Huge Pearls Drilled Larger Holes

12-13mm Button Pearls($59.99)

Large 12-13mm AA+ Black Button Pearl Strand

Black Button Pearl Strand

25x30mm Keshi Pearls($247.47)

White Square Shaped 25x30mm Large and Rare Keshi Pearls on Loose Strands

White Square Rare Pearls

12-13mm Potato Pearls($89.99)

12-13mm Side Drilled Potato Pearls on Temporary Strand

Side Drilled Potato Pearl Strand

12-13mm Round Pearls($447.47)

Large 12-13mm Round Pearls on Temporary Strand

Large Round Pearls on Temporary Strand

Large Cross Pearls($35.49)

White Large Sized Cross Pearls Center Drilled

Large Center Drilled Pearls

Large 21mm Coin Pearls($49.99)

21mm White Coin Pearls on Loose Strands with High Luster

White Coin Pearls High Luster

9x16mm Peanut Pearls($31.99)

High Quality 9x16mm Peanut Pearl Strand Length Drilled

High Quality Peanut Pearls

Women who may have a thicker neck or wrist can wear a whole assortment of pearl jewelry. These pearls have a good quality substance to them that makes them compatible for women that require plus size jewelry that brings their best features out.

Large Pearl Earrings($21.99 & up)

11-11.5mm AAA Pearl Earrings in 925 Silver

11-11.5mm AAA Pearl Earrings

Large Pearl Pendants($79.99)

12-13mm AA+ Drop Pearl Pendant 14K Solid Gold

12-13mm Pearl Pendant 14K Gold

Large Pearl Necklace($499.97)

13-14mm Baroque Pearl Necklace 14K Gold Clasp with Real Diamonds

13-14mm Pearls, 14K Gold, Diamonds

Large Pearl Earrings

Large Pearl Necklaces

Large Pearl Bracelets

Large Pearl Pendants

There is no doubt that there will always be a very special place for small cultured pearl jewelry or the freshwater pearl pieces for example, but now pearl jewelry can fit right in along side of them and take their own unique stand in the exquisite jewelry fashion world.

Baroque Pearls

Round Pearls

Rice Pearls

Peanut Pearls

Button Pearls

Coin Pearls

Keshi Pearls

Shell Pearls

Baroque Pearls (Nugget Pearls) – Natural free shaped pearls with rugged surface which people love them for. The largest baroque pearls we have is 12-13mm for immediate delivery.

Round Pearls (Uniform Shape) – Round pearls are the most common form when we think of pearls. The largest sized round pearls we have are 12-13mm for immediate delivery.

If you are looking for other shaped big sized pearls, we also have them in stock here. From large sized coin pearls, rice pearls, button pearls, cross pearls, biwa pearls to peanut pearls, we have them all in 4+ colors.

You can custom order any size of pearls or pearl jewelry and we can make it for especially for you. All you need to do is to send an email to our customer service.

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