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Yummy and luxurious, brown pearls also called chocolate colored pearls are not only in style, they are hot. This not your grandma`s type of pearl necklace, but with its stunning beauty and exotic flair. You will pay only 1/10of what the Tiffany crowd is paying, by getting them directly from our very own pearl farms at wholesale cost.

Yep, it does not matter what kind of chocolate pearls or brown colored pearls you are looking for, simply specify in the comment field that you want the chocolate pearls instead of the white or whatever color we have in stock when you are ready to check out, and give us extra 3-5 days for the processing, you can get any kind of pearl strands or pearl jewelry from our site in brown color.

Often people ask us “why your prices are so much better than others?” The answer to this question is that we own the pearl farms while many retail and online jewelry stores do not.

tin cup chocolate pearl necklace in silver

Without the Internet, we would never have the opportunity of serving you directly online from our pearl farms. We would be still only available to business vendors and store owners at trade shows and conventions.

All of them are either made of cultured pearls or mother of pearls, finished by either 925 sterling silver or 14k solid gold at the discounted lowest wholesale cost that is guaranteed to be a favorite of any jewelry collection. All pearl jewelry will come to you gift packaged with a certificate of authenticity. There is no minimum order requirement when you place your order online.

Looking to buy brown or chocolate loose pearls?

loose individual pearls


3-4mm brown colored baroque pearl strands

Looking for brown or chocolate colored south sea shell pearls? Or loose brown or chocolate colored genuine pearl strands?

Simply Type “Brown” in the search box for keyword, you can find all chocolate pearls! Be it baroque pearls or oval pearls or round pearls or keshi pearls.

We can also dye them to any colored pearls at no additional cost! All you need to do is to send us a sample picture with the pearl size, shape, and grade. It usually takes about 7-10days to complete your custom order. You can also order the product online directly and specify your request in the special comment field when purchasing your product.

You could be wearing a stunning chocolate pearl necklace that is made from genuine pearls instead of imitations and WHY NOT?

Especially when:

  • It gives you the same beautiful and natural look as your friends who spent hundreds or thousands of dollars on pearl jewelry, but at a fraction of the price they paid for.
  • It is not only made from genuine pearls or mother-of-pearls, but also especially for you, because it can be made at your size, length, and specifications.

unique pearl necklace
Why pay retail when you can get it at wholesale? Why wear a fake pearl necklace when you can get a genuine brown or chocolate pearl necklace for less?

Is there any specific kind of brown or chocolate pearl jewelry you are looking for?

You can type “brown” or “chocolate” in the Search Box..

customized pearl jewelry order bridesmaids` size, length and color

Our in-house workers and designers make pearl jewelry for various stores’ exclusive lines. Why not have them make a unique piece just for you? How about a fine pearl jewelry customized for you or someone you love?.

What are the things to consider when buy brown or chocolate pearls?

One aspect to consider is the color of the pearl. We have several shades of brown from dark brown or chocolate (closed to black) to light brown color to golden brown (with gold color overlay).

brown pearls in any sizes

What about size? In this case, size DOES MATTER! Smaller pearls look attractive on young girls while bigger ones look beautiful on adults. Brown or chocolate colored genuine pearls match almost anything and suitable for all types of skin! It will make a fantastic gift or an addition to any jewelry collection!

You can order any kind of brown or chocolate pearls, complete it with any one of the pearl clasps from our store for a fine piece of jewelry at the lowest wholesale cost from our store. It will be guaranteed to look striking on your wardrobe or on that special someone!

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