Freshwater Pearls & Pearl Jewelry at Low Wholesale Prices w/ Highest Quality Value

Not only the world`s finest freshwater pearls are produced in our OWN pearl farms, but also ANY kind of pearls in ANY color, all available to you without any marked up cost for cheap. Our regular customers who buy pearls online directly can often turn around and sell our pearls jewelry for 2.5 to 8 times more than what they paid for here, Why?whyus_custom

Even though we ship most of pearls jewelry from our San Diego, California, USA office, our pearls are basically straight came from our own pearl farms, the only hands that were passed are our in-house workers, besides your mailman. That`s why you pay NO middlemen`s profits, only the best deals with ZERO risks!

Because you have an entire pearl farm to choose from directly, we can provide you with pearls in any color, any size, from 1mm to 15mm or even bigger pearls (depending upon pearls types).
We can get you any kind of bulk quantities that you need. Our competitors can only sell you what they have bought in their stock, from pearls suppliers like us.
Our competitors can not ship your products directly from where they are produced. They only ship your products from their stores because they do not want you to know where their pearls came from.
Unlike other websites that sell pearl jewelry to their retail customers with on a one-time basis, all of our pearls and pearl jewelry meet international jewelry standards as many of our customers are jewelry designers and store owners who have been with us for years. We are still providing drop ship for some of their customers.
Check out out our 4-Part Risk-Free Guarantee Program. We have been business supplying pearls to jewelers for decades, and have come online for retail customers (yes, you can place an order line directly as well) for almost 10 years in the USA. Our guarantee is backed up by our excellent record from the Better Business Bureau.

Freshwater Pearls Jewelry @ Premium Quality

Our prices may be low but the quality of pearls are much higher comparing with others. We will never send you lower quality cheap pearls that have no value or no way for you to return. Check out our customers reviews. And take a look at pearl grading guide to compare the quality instead of purely going by highly self-claimed grades when you shop pearls online.whyus_quality

Discounted freshwater pearl jewelry

Our genuine pearl silver jewelry sets start at $29.97 for the whole set, including the necklace and earrings. All of them are made of real pearls, finished by either 925 sterling silver or 14k solid gold. All pearl jewelry will come to you packaged with a certificate of authenticity for the recipient.

Best priced pearl necklaces online?

For pearls sale, we do not give out 10%, 20% or even 50% sale as other stores with inflated prices that often do, just straight low prices without gimmicks. However smart shoppers like you know that for the same type of pearl jewelry, i. e., this 8-9mm gem quality AAA quality pearl necklace with a 14k gold clasp, in 4 colors of pearls, other stores’ prices start as high as $999 so even after a 70% discount plus an additional 20%, their price still comes out at $240, while our price starts at $199 only, for the exact same if not better quality pearl necklace.

You can find more examples like this from discounted pearl necklaces strands.

Where else can you get a huge 9-10mm large black genuine pearl necklace with a 14k solid yellow gold clasp for such a cheap price of under $90?

The price of a pearl depends on its size; the bigger the pearl, the bigger the price. Pearls over 9mm are very rare because such pearls will have to stay in the water for more than 10 years and therefore are much harder to harvest and more expensive.

If you shop at any local jewelry store for the same quality at this price, you can’t even buy a pearl strand in sizes smaller than 6.5mm. But here, even for our highest priced pearl necklace, you can still get the lowest priced items comparing to the same quality items being sold in other stores.

How many pearl jewelry selections do we have?

Don’t have the time to come up with your own design? Don’t worry, we have got the widest selections for you to choose from and they are guaranteed to be unique. Simply go to our pearl necklace page or our pearl necklace pendants page and check out the genuine freshwater pearl jewelry that we have for sale. We challenge you to find another store that has more variety and a better selection of genuine freshwater pearl jewelry than us. Just send us an email with the name of the store and we will be more than happy to send you a free, surprise gift made of real pearls.

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