Rice Pearl Strands

Rice, Oval or Drop Shaped Pearls – Direct from Freshwater Pearl Farms @ Low Wholesale

loose drop pearlsRice Pearls, also called loosely as oval shaped pearls or drop pearls sometimes, are basically length drilled pearls in rice or oval shapes. Oval shaped pearls are favored by most of the jewelry designers for their various sizes and relatively regular shapes. You can either search the shop to find all or looking through individual or single loose oval or drop shaped pearls including rice pearls sold by ounces.


pink rice pearl strands

 If you are looking for rice or oval shaped pearl beads on strands, in all different sizes and colors from white, pink, mauve, black to red, green or blue colors, you can find them all here. Below are just a few samples we have in stock. You will get any kind of rice pearls or rice pearl jewelry at the lowest wholesale prices, how can we guarantee that?

Rice Pearl Jewelry – Made of Rice or Drop Pearls

Looking for finished rice or oval pearl jewelry? Browse through finished jewelry category, be it a pearl necklace or pearl bracelet or a pair of pearl earrings. A girl with a pearl earrings is a very popular item there. We can also custom make for you with the size you like.

Use Oval or Rice Pearls to Create Unique Jewelry by yourself

If you love to make your own jewelry, we have them in from 1-2mm seed oval pearls all the way up to 15mm large rice pearls. All in stock for immediate delivery. They are on loose temporary strands at approximately 15.5inch long.

Seed Pearls – Tiny Rice Pearl Strands

If you have been looking for tiny 1mm rice pearl strands, you know that rice pearls at small or tiny size are hard to come by, especially when they are at this uniform size and with very high luster. We got them! They are perfect for spacers or use them for children`s jewelry.

Get pearl clasps at low wholesale cost without any additional shipping cost

pearl clasps

A wide range of pearl clasps are available for you to choose for making your own pearl necklaces. They are either in 14k gold or 925 sterling silver. Buy the pearl clasps on line here.

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