5-7mm Loose Drop Pearls Undrilled or Half-drilled




Several colored pearls are available, including white, pink, mauve and black. All with very high luster and hardly any flaws.

These are drop shaped AA+ graded pearls at size of 5-7mm. They are available for both un-drilled and half-drilled, in all colors.

Undrilled pearl is usually used as a keepsake pearl that can be treasured for a long time as it symbolizes a good luck as well. All you need is a cage which can be made either by 14k gold or 925 sterling silver, to keep your undrilled pearls safe. Get a cage and a silver chain to make it a complete pearl necklace set.

Half-drilled pearl is widely used to make pearl jewelry, such as pearl pendant, earrings or a pearl ring.

The price listed here is for 1 individual pearl.

Because of its high quality, loose individual pearl is usually kept undrilled or being drilled only when it needed, so it can be used by jewelers and jewelry designers individually as a center piece for their rings, pendants, or earrings based on their design. If you are looking for pearl strands to make necklace or bracelet instead of a center piece, click here.

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