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white pearls

White, cream or ivory colored jewelry are classic and timeless. They match every apparel are and suitable for all occasions, from the business meeting to the cocktail party. These natural pearls come out of the oysters with a natural white color in various shades, from snow white to cream white. What kind of white pearls or pearl jewelry are you looking for?

Loose White Pearls($0.47+)

Loose White Pearls

Half-Drilled Button Pearls

White Baroque Pearls($84.47)

White Baroque Pearls

13-14mm Baroque Pearls

White Round Pearls($69.99)

White Round Pearls

10-11mm Pearl Strand

White Keshi Pearls($79.97)

White Keshi Pearls

15x19mm Keshi Pearls

White Rice Pearls($29.99)

White Rice Pearls

8-9mm Quality Pearls

White Coin Pearls($27.99)

White Coin Pearls

Rhombus Coin Pearls

White Cross Pearls($34.99)

White Cross Pearls

Center Drilled Pearls

White Peanut Pearls($14.49)

White Peanut Pearls

Two Row Drop Pearls

White Button Pearls($14.49)

White Button Pearls

5-6mm Button Pearls

White Shell Pearls($13.49)

White Shell Pearls

Southsea Shell Pearls

White Biwa Pearls($17.99)

White Biwa Pearls

Length Drilled Biwa Pearls

White Potato Pearls($21.99)

White Potato Pearls

11-12mm Side Drilled Pearls

Our white pearl jewelry sets for bridesmaids is only $34.99 for the whole set, including white round pearl necklace, and a pair of pearl earrings in 925 pure sterling silver.

If you prefer ivory or cream colored pearls, all you need to do is to specify it in the comment field when you are making your purchase, although it might take a few extra days. Nonetheless, you will get the kind of pearls that you want!

White Pearl Earrings

White Pearl Necklaces & Bracelets

White Pearl Rings

White Pearl Sets

Any specific kind of white pearl jewelry you are looking for?

Type “white” in the Search Box. Or You can make a special order for any pearl jewelry to be made of any shade of white from our store.

Our in-house workers and designers make pearl jewelry for various stores` exclusive lines. Why not have them make a unique piece just for you? How about a fine pearl jewelry that’s customized to your size, length and preferred color? You’ll turn heads with your unique pearl jewelry!

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